2 Page Resume: Will It Crush Your Chances? (Format & Tips)

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Do I need a 2-page resume? Let’s talk about:

Your resume is two pages long. The recruiting manager hits “delete” after saying, “Ugh, I don’t have time for this.”

Your resume is one page long. The manager selects “delete” once more, assuming you are inexperienced.

Which one is correct, then? The two of them! It’s similar like searching “What size shoes should I wear” while asking “Can a résumé be two pages?” Without any measures, more input is just required.

This manual will respond to:

Can a resume have two pages? Will it harm your potential for employment?

When to call the boss and prepare a two-page CV.

The most effective two-page resume format for making a statement.

when to use a one-page resume and a two-page resume.

This example of a two-page resume was created using our efficient online resume maker.

When to Use a Two-Page Resume

Many job hopefuls find that a two-page resume is effective. Job searchers with ten or more years of relevant experience will find it very helpful. The additional page can be required to convey all the qualifications and experience the company needs to see.

But figuring just how long to make your CV might be challenging. Not sure if a 2-page resume will work for you? Utilize this helpful short reference.

More advice on 2 page resume layout and when to write a two page resume can be found after the table. Learn when to prevent spreading diseases like the swine flu as well.

Two Page Resume Facts
Can a Resume Be Two Pages? Yes
Entry-Level Resume Length 1 Page
Seasoned Worker Resume Length 2+ Pages
Employers Who Say Entry-Level Workers Should Have 1 Page Resumes 66%
Employers Who Say Seasoned Workers Should Have 2+ Page Resumes 77%
Seasoned Employees Who Don’t Use 2-Page Resumes 39%

Can a Resume be 2 Pages?

Although a resume might be two pages long, most should just be one. Both entry-level applicants and those with under five years of experience can attest to this.

Write a two page resume if the position needs accomplishments on the level of Elon Musk or if you can’t fit all of your accomplishments on one page.

How much space should a resume have?

66% of companies that participated in a poll stated an entry-level resume should be one page. Meanwhile, 77% of respondents stated experienced professionals should have a minimum of a 2-page CV and maybe more. Surprisingly, only one page is how long 39% of experienced professionals claim their resumes are.

How much space should a resume take up?

Make your resume as long as necessary to demonstrate your suitability for the position even if there is no universally accepted standard for resume length. Make your CV unique first. Most candidates may accomplish it with ease using a one-page resume. If possible, use two.

Can a resume include many pages?

A resume may have additional pages. But keep your CV as succinct as you can while yet demonstrating your experience. Two-page resumes might be intimidating since most managers skim them. However, candidates with a lot of experience typically can’t justify their value without a two page CV.

Is a two-page resume possible?

A resume may have two pages. Just be careful not to lengthen your resume simply because it contains extra information, such as irrelevant work experience or abilities unrelated to the position you’re seeking for. When you modify your resume to the job description and still struggle to fit your relevant experience and talents on one page, consider using two. The norm for individuals with extensive experience is a two-page résumé.

The difference between a resume and a cv may be the only reason of some of the misunderstanding. Some job searchers are unaware of the differences between a resume and a CV, which are often more longer and more extensive.

Two or One Pages on a Resume?

Many submissions will be processed by an ATS in 2022. (Applicant Tracking System). You may write as much as you like since those do not place a page restriction on you. Be advised that for any position that doesn’t require a highly experienced candidate, a one-pager still works best.

Why are 2-page resumes so hated?

In the past, it was possible for fax machines to jam and lose your second page. Additionally, the pages of mailed-in resumes could be distinct. Most of those justifications no longer apply. Use them if you truly have enough noteworthy, pertinent accomplishments to cover two pages.

Now that you’re aware, a resume layout might occasionally span two pages. Discover when you’ll need a multiple page resume in the next section, as well as how to accomplish it properly.

Sample 2-Page Resume Templates

One concern shared by many candidates with a two-page resume is—

Simply said, it doesn’t appear as organized and polished as a one-pager.

It needn’t be the case, though, IF you let our resume builder assist you with the layout. Our program will maintain consistent formatting throughout both pages, giving your paper a polished appearance.

Browse through some of the two-page resume templates in our builder, select your favorite, and generate your resume in no time!

1. Nanica

Nanica is a very straightforward, minimalist resume template. Both academic and formal employment applications can use it with remarkable success. The first page contains all the essential information; the second page serves as a supplement and gives further information on the candidate’s background.

2. Primo

There is no opportunity for misinterpretation here because the initials in the header on both pages clearly identify them as being parts of the same employment application. This resume template has a simple, attractive design, and the little icons next to the section titles make it easy to navigate the CV.

3. Cubic

You may make better use of the space provided and showcase your finest qualities in an understandable manner by using the right-side column for personal information and abilities. Make sure your two-pager follows suit by keeping the header and contact information the same on each pages.

4. Diamond

Candidates with experience should consider Diamond. Since the resume is full-width throughout, it is simple to read from top to bottom. Again, the most crucial facts about your career should be evident on the first page, while the second page can give additional details that demonstrate your worth as a particular candidate.

5. Newcast

Using a lot of white space is essential on a two-page resume. In fact, Newcast does that. Recruiters won’t be overpowered by the volume of material on your resume, even if its contents are on the lengthier side of the spectrum.

When to Write a Two Page Resume

There are two scenarios in which a 2-page resume is required.

You shouldn’t create a one-page resume if you fit one of the criteria listed below. You’ll appear about as powerful as Michael Cera with a twisted ankle if you do.

Not yourself, do you? Find a solution to shorten your second page in that instance.

When Experience is Required in a Job Description

For certain occupations, years of experience are required. You should display at least two pages of your accomplishments on a resume for those.

If you work in one of the following fields, think about using a 2-page resume.

  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Artist
  • Sales Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Computer Science Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Engineer

In reality, a 2-page resume is required for practically all management job offers.

When it’s impossible to cut without damaging your message

Are you unsure of how to condense a two-page resume? Try this: Eliminate as much as you can from your resume to reduce it to two pages. Compare them once you’ve shortened it. Continue utilizing the two-page resume if it does the task better.

If it’s Less than 1.5 Pages, Make it One Page

There’s nothing wrong with a 2 page resume in many cases. That said, a resume that’s one page plus a couple lines makes you look sloppy. Unless your resume is at least 1.5 pages, cut it down to one.

When You Should Never Write a Two-Page Resume

It’s virtually never necessary to create a two-page resume if you’re an entry-level candidate. You simply don’t have enough experience yet. The anomaly? Make your CV two pages if you’re applying for an internship and have a lot of academic accomplishments.

Two Page Resume Format

Consider this:

Your two-page résumé is sent. The recruiting manager is pleased to see the second page because of your extensive experience.

Then the worst happens. Your 2-page resume format has a few blatant errors.

In other words, your resume is poorly written.

Use the advice for a 2 page resume format below to stay clear of the traps.

Why Aren’t There More Examples of Two Page Resumes?

There aren’t many examples of two-page resumes online. This is because no one requires them. The format for a two-page resume is identical to that of shorter resumes. Simply adhere to the formatting suggestions for 2 page resumes provided below.

Repeat on Page 2 your name and contact information.

Why should your resume have your contact information on both pages? Convenience. On the second page, the recruiting manager could spot a feat she truly admires. She should be reminded of who you are by seeing your name and contact information there like a business logo.

Never reiterate your expertise on the next page.

It might be enticing to reiterate your qualifications or other essential information on page 2 of your resume. Resist. The hiring manager will take longer due to the doubled information. You don’t want her to be drawn away from your admirable accomplishments.

Don’t repeat the summary of your resume on page two.

Only fresh material that the manager hasn’t seen before should be on page two of your resume. She could believe you printed page 1 twice if you recite your summary. In either case, the procedure is slowed. Additionally, it violates basic resume etiquette.

Put Your Most Vital Information on Page 1

The most crucial information should be on page one of a two page resume. Accordingly, the majority of the job experience, skill list, resume summary, and certifications are all listed on page one. Publications, conferences, and other supporting information should be placed on the second page.

Count the Pages

Are you concerned that the employer won’t see the second page? Page numbering can be added in the 1/2 and 2/2 formats.

Avoid sending in double-sided resumes

Although a two-sided resume may sound appealing, the majority of resumes are sent online. It’s possible that the manager won’t see the back of your paper resume if you do send one. Thus, provide two sheets.

Two-Page Resume: Paperclip or Staple?

Do you want that second page to disappear? Employ a paperclip. Staples get in the way when some supervisors want to photocopy or scan your resume.

When to Write Both a 1-Page and a 2-Page Resume

Does it ever make sense to have both a one-page resume and a two-page resume?

The majority of the time.

Choosing between a one-page and a two-page resume might be challenging for applicants.

That’s because it’s hard to compare two things you don’t actually have in your possession.

Making a one and two page resume is therefore a wise decision.

Create a two-page résumé to begin with. Include the accomplishments that best suit the job offer.

Next, activate your critical faculties. What might you exclude while keeping the tale the same?

Reduce your work to a single page. Your most amazing strengths will frequently become clear only from one activity.

Use both of your resumes, if you have a one page and a two page version. If an offer requests more experience, choose the two-pager.


The 2-page resume format is simple to learn. the challenging part? before choose whether to write a one- or two-page resume.

  • If the job offer requests a lengthy work history or you have a lot of experience, use two page resumes.
  • If you can’t fit all of your outstanding, pertinent accomplishments on a single page, utilize a two-pager instead.
  • Is your resume fewer than 1.5 pages, to sum up? If so, a two-page résumé is unnecessary. Make a few cuts to reduce it to size.