300+ Action Verbs, Power Words & Synonyms for Your Resume

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What does it imply when someone uses the phrase “resume power words”? Does it relate in any way to the Power Rangers? Why even include resume action words? Imagine if resumes are shampoo bottles. And every day the poor recruiter has to soap, rinse, and repeat hundreds of times. To catch their attention, you must be noticeable! And this is when the words from your CV come in. You just need to pick from our collection of more than 300 resume action words. The following are examples of resume action words: 310 action words for resumes organized by keyword synonym. lists of resume buzzwords that are simple to utilize and well-organized. Make your work stand out by creating separate lists of resume keywords and resume adjectives. Tips from the pros on how to utilize the best resume verbs and other strong resume terms.

1- Resume Action Words to Use Instead of Boring Words

Why use strong resume language? So, act as though you’re starving. There are 300 white bread sandwiches with American cheese in front of you. Ho hum. Then, though, you notice a panini with turkey, bacon, thinly sliced avocado, and a side of handmade curly fries. A beer mug filled with ice-cold beer is placed next to it. Your resume stands out because to resume power words. Remember that this isn’t a guide on “how to fluff a CV.” It’s not a collection of hypnotic NLP phrases that will make the recruiter fall under your spell. Use it to make your writing better, draw attention to your resume’s skills, and let the employer see why they should hire you. However, you don’t need a phone book-style list of 310 keywords, verbs, and adjectives for your CV. So, here are 10 separate lists. Lists of resume buzzwords, resume adjectives, and instructions on how to choose the ideal keywords for your resume are then provided.

2- How to Use Resume Power Words

Everyone is familiar with resume action words. Right? The solution might surprise you. The strongest resume phrases don’t apply to you. They provide an account of your actions.

What are Resume Action Words?

You should employ resume action words, also known as resume power words, in your resume to succinctly and forcefully express your professional qualifications, duties, and accomplishments at work. They are mostly action verbs, although adjectives and a few buzzwords are also thought to be effective resume words. With verbs of action:
  • Responsible for improving themselves…
  • Working on a team with becomes Collaborated on…
  • 20 workers are directed to by the person in charge of…
Resume action verbs provide a compelling image of your knowledge and professional successes rather than just describing your position.

Why Do Good Resume Verbs Make Writing Stronger?

Action verbs in resumes strengthen writing for two reasons. They start by eliminating the dull words that hiring managers hear many times every day. They also direct you toward details that can help you land a job. You didn’t only manage a responsibility with action words. You reduced expenses by X% or made weekly time savings of X hours.

What Action Words to Use in a Resume

Avoid using phrases like “I’m terrific, great, experienced, an expert, or a hard worker” at all costs. Those are self-promotional terms. Instead, mention in your CV, “I’m about to show you how wonderful I am.” This article’s 310 resume words do that.

Use Exact Numbers with Your Resume Power Words

Add numbers to any of the words below for resumes. Determine the amount of money saved, the increase in income, and the time saved. After that, introduce those figures using effective resume action verbs.

3- Resume Action Words for “Team Player”

Putting “team player” on a CV offends hiring managers. However, they seek for team players to hire. See the issue? You must imply that you are a team player without really expressing it. So, highlight successes in the bullet points of your CV. Describe moments when you collaborated with others and achieved wonderful things. You either identified efficiency, increased income, or lowered expenditures. Give precise monetary values, weekly work hours, and percentages. Start started by using the cooperate resume action verbs listed below.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Team Player:

  1. Ignited
  2. Joined
  3. Melded
  4. Merged
  5. Participated
  6. Partnered
  7. United
  8. Volunteered
  9. Energized
  10. Gathered
  11. Harmonized
  12. Collaborated
  13. Contributed
  14. Diversified
  15. Embraced
  16. Encouraged
  17. Assimilated
  18. Blended
  19. Coalesced
  20. Acknowledged

4- Resume Power Words for “Leadership”

Managers who recruit adore leaders. They detest candidates who only claim to be leaders. How many people of the team did you oversee? How many training hours did you provide? What initiatives did you lead? Here is your evidence. Use the leadership resume power words listed below to present it elegantly.

20 of the Best Resume Words for Leadership:

  1. Cultivated
  2. Delegated
  3. Directed
  4. Enabled
  5. Hosted
  6. Inspired
  7. Mentored
  8. Mobilized
  9. Authorized
  10. Chaired
  11. Executed
  12. Facilitated
  13. Fostered
  14. Guided
  15. Headed
  16. Spear­headed
  17. Trained
  18. Operated
  19. Orchestrated
  20. Oversaw

5- Resume Buzzwords

Trying to make a statement on your resume with strong words? Ensure that these are the proper ones. Keep buzzwords off your CV. Here is a rundown of the most well-liked ones:

Overused Resume Buzz Words

  • Detail Oriented
  • Focused
  • Ninja
  • Super
  • Great
  • In Charge Of
  • Excellent
  • Go Getter
  • Hard Worker
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Creative
  • Synergized
  • Go To
  • Results-driven
  • Team Player
  • Outside the Box
  • Responsible For
  • Expert
  • Innovative
  • Specialized In
The typical resume keywords that hiring managers detest the most were identified in a CareerBuilder research of 2200 hiring managers. What features do they share? Most just say you’re amazing without saying anything substantive. Use accomplishment-oriented resume terms instead. Tired Resume Buzz Words                            Use Instead
Detail Oriented                                             Spotted…
Focused                                             Refined…
Ninja                                            Installed…
Super                                            Slashed…
Great                                           Increased…
In Charge Of                                   Directed…
Excellent                                   Improved…
Go Getter                                    Accomplished…
Hard Worker                                    Achieved…
Strategic Thinker                                   Designed…
Creative                                           Created…
Synergized                                           Collaborated With…
Go To                                            Trusted By…
Results-driven                                            Raised…
Team Player                                           Participated In…
Outside the Box                                        Created…
Responsible For                                       Managed…
Expert                                      Delivered…
Innovative                                       Developed…
Specialized In                                      Handled…

6- Resume Words for “Responsible For”

The resume equivalent of “responsible for” is “sneakers in a dryer.” Instead, describe how you made what you were in charge of better. To write a resume properly, use these words:

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Responsible For

  1. Accomplished
  2. Acquired
  3. Achieved
  4. Acted As
  5. Completed
  6. Created
  7. Executed
  8. Finished
  9. Forged
  10. Made
  11. Navigated
  12. Negotiated
  13. Operated
  14. Partnered
  15. Performed
  16. Prepared
  17. Produced
  18. Secured
  19. Succeeded In
  20. Undertook

7- Good Resume Verbs for “Communication”

What employer doesn’t value a skilled communicator? A word of advice: A candidate with effective communication skills would never claim to be such. She’d display it. So, all the successes your communication brought about. Did you negotiate agreements 10% more successfully than others? Who wrote the business newsletter? Use the strong resume words below to demonstrate it.

20 of the Best Resume Words for Communication:

  1. Advocated
  2. Authored
  3. Clarified
  4. Composed
  5. Consulted
  6. Conveyed
  7. Convinced
  8. Corresponded
  9. Defined
  10. Explained
  11. Fielded
  12. Illustrated
  13. Influenced
  14. Informed
  15. Mediated
  16. Moderated
  17. Negotiated
  18. Promoted
  19. Persuaded
  20. Publicized

8- Resume Power Words for “Achiever/Achieved”

Want to come seem as inept? Put “Achiever” in the title of your resume. Use the powerful resume phrases listed below to demonstrate your accomplishments.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Achiever:

  1. Accelerated
  2. Accomplished
  3. Advanced
  4. Amplified
  5. Boosted
  6. Completed
  7. Created
  8. Delivered
  9. Enacted
  10. Enhanced
  11. Expanded
  12. Expedited
  13. Generated
  14. Improved
  15. Lifted
  16. Managed
  17. Maximized
  18. Outpaced
  19. Produced
  20. Stimulated

9- The Best Resume Adjectives

Use those self-descriptive words on a resume:

  • Meticulous.
  • Thoughtful.
  • Intelligent.
  • Cutting Edge.
  • Ingenious.
  • Unique.
  • Skilled.
  • Competent.
  • Devoted.
  • Genuine.
  • Attentive
  • Dedicated.
  • Determined.
  • Sincere.
  • Knowledgeable.
  • Persistent.
  • Disciplined.
  • Honest.
  • Insightful.
  • Professional.
  • Astute.
  • Diligent.
  • Reliable.
  • A Self-starter.
  • Motivated.
  • Dynamic.
  • Organized.
  • Passionate.
Let’s not be timid. Most individuals believe that using the best resume adjectives will impress the employer. They will not. Do you recall seeing It’s a Wonderful Life, right? “Nobody’d say anything to me about it since they all know what type of man I am,” a pipsqueak says to Donna Reed in a scene. Exactly how “strong” resume adjectives portray you on your application. They are bluffing. a rooster standing tall. a young man pounding his chest. Speak softly and carry a heavy stick, said Theodore Roosevelt. Your main measuring stick is success. Instead of using fancy resume words, list astounding accomplishments. Apply the resume words listed below.
Resume Adjectives Use Instead
Self-Starter Initiated…
Insightful Noticed…
Intelligent Solved…
Astute Sighted…
Meticulous Caught…
Thoughtful Cared for…
Cutting Edge Devised
Ingenious Invented…
Unique Commended for…
Skilled Achieved…
Competent Constructed…
Devoted Worked to…
Genuine Rated by customers as…
Dedicated Formed…
Determined Discovered…
Sincere Received kudos for…
Knowledgeable Trained…
Persistent Accomplished…
Disciplined Forged
Honest Trusted with…

10- Resume Words for “Worked On”

Telling potential employers what you worked on is insufficient. The Titanic was designed by Thomas Andrews. What did you actually accomplish? Saying you worked on something is insufficient. Specify the quantity, size, and frequency. Discover the triumph. Give figures. Give value. Include these effective resume terms for “worked on” to reveal those figures.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Worked On:

  1. Arranged
  2. Compiled
  3. Composed
  4. Constructed
  5. Created
  6. Developed
  7. Engaged In
  8. Fashioned
  9. Forged
  10. Formulated
  11. Made
  12. Made Progress On
  13. Operated
  14. Organized
  15. Perfected
  16. Prepared
  17. Pursued
  18. Put Together
  19. Set Up
  20. Undertook

11- Resume Verbs for “Improved”

Did you create something that took off? You may be hired if you include it in your CV. But you can’t keep repeating, “I improved.” Combine it with the resume terms listed below.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Improved:

Boosted Converted Customized Grew Integrated Lifted Merged Overhauled Raised Redesigned Refined Remodeled Reorganized Restructured Revamped Saved Slashed Streamlined Strengthened Updated

12- Resume Power Words for “Researched”

Does the job description include having research abilities? Avoid using clichés on your resume, such as “Handled research tasks and responsibilities.” Instead, concentrate on the impact of your findings. Did you save money using your analytical skills? Time? receive praise from management? To say that, use the resume verbs listed below.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Researched:

  1. Inspected
  2. Investigated
  3. Mapped
  4. Measured
  5. Probed
  6. Proved
  7. Quantified
  8. Studied
  9. Surveyed
  10. Tested
  11. Tracked
  12. Analyzed
  13. Assessed
  14. Audited
  15. Calculated
  16. Checked
  17. Discovered
  18. Examined
  19. Explored
  20. Identified

13- Synonyms for “Creativity and Problem Solving”

Many vocations need ingenuity. It is insufficient to claim on a CV that “I am creative.” To demonstrate your work, use resume power words. What exactly did you design? Did your work receive honors and awards? Did you move more quickly than your colleagues? lower the cost? get better ratings from customers? To demonstrate that with some pizzazz, use the resume words listed below.

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Creativity and Problem-Solving:

  1. Fixed
  2. Initiated
  3. Invented
  4. Overhauled
  5. Patched
  6. Piloted
  7. Pioneered
  8. Rebuilt
  9. Resolved
  10. Built
  11. Corrected
  12. Crafted
  13. Designed
  14. Determined
  15. Devised
  16. Drafted
  17. Enhanced
  18. Established
  19. Fashioned
  20. Altered

14- Strong Resume Words for “Managed”

Simply state that your most recent position was in management. Just that will demonstrate your experience. Nevertheless, recruiting managers adore metrics. Consider the results of your staff management. These effective resume terms can assist. .

20 of the Best Resume Action Words for Managing:

  1. Aligned
  2. Cultivated
  3. Directed
  4. Enabled
  5. Facilitated
  6. Fostered
  7. Guided
  8. Hired
  9. Inspired
  10. Mentored
  11. Mobilized
  12. Motivated
  13. Recruited
  14. Regulated
  15. Shaped
  16. Supervised
  17. Taught
  18. Trained
  19. Unified
  20. United

15- “Assist” Synonyms for a Resume

Not all occupations require an assistant. The term doesn’t seem strong enough to express expertise and reliability, though. Use the following alternatives to demonstrate your impact:

Top 15+ Resume Synonyms for Assist

  1. Abet
  2. Aid
  3. Advance
  4. Boost
  5. Help
  6. Counsel
  7. Coach
  8. Cooperate
  9. Collaborate
  10. Dispatch
  11. Expedite
  12. Endorse
  13. Facilitate
  14. Maintain
  15. Promote
  16. Reinforce
  17. Support

16- “Utilize” Synonyms for a Resume

This three-syllable word means the same thing as the word “use”. Both have more powerful substitutes to use in a resume. Take a look at the list below.

Best 10+ Resume Synonyms for Utilize

  1. Apply
  2. Adopt
  3. Deploy
  4. Employ
  5. Exert
  6. Handle
  7. Mobilize
  8. Operate
  9. Promote
  10. Put to Use
  11. Restore
  12. Revive
  13. Specialize in

Resume Keywords

Action words and resume keywords are not the same thing. Your bullet points begin with action words. They highlight accomplishments that persuade the hiring manager to give you the job. You created, elevated, sliced, or rescued something. Your unique abilities are highlighted by your resume’s keywords. Want a list of strong resume-worthy skills? The employment offer has the top ones. Utilize the skills that employers are seeking, and the applicant tracking system will commend you. Use 25–30 keywords in your CV. Carefully read the employment offer. Highlight any prerequisites the employer specifies for skills. Don’t limit yourself to using those terms as bullet points. To demonstrate how those abilities benefited the organization, include resume action verbs.