9 Great Programming Projects for a Resume (Examples)

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You have your sights set on a great IT position that screams your name. You are confident in your abilities. The issue is that you don’t really have much to support that. How can you quickly put together a portfolio to convince recruiters that you’re worth their time?

Easy. For your resume, we’ve put together a list of 9 programming projects that will make you stand out like bug-free code. Better yet, we offer solutions for both novice and experienced programmers, so no matter your experience level, we have something you can use to improve your résumé.

A List of Programming Projects for Your Resume

It’s not only for show when you list programming projects on your CV to demonstrate your prowess as a programmer. If you’re a fantastic programmer, that’s terrific, but if you can also produce something that’s truly helpful, you’ve reached a new level of awesomeness that hiring managers will notice. This is especially true if you can produce something that appeals to the organization you’re applying to.

Find a harder or easier version of the programming projects that fits your experience and ability level because some of you are seasoned programmers and some of you are just getting started.

In a computer science 101 class, these 9 programming projects for your CV can help you stand out like Bill Gates:

Gaming AI

Making AI for video games raises the bar for complexity. You are innately attempting to reduce complicated behavior to ones and zeros.

Use game engine software to the fullest extent possible while developing sports- or decision-based play-based games.

However, keep in mind that your programming endeavor does not have to be the finest thing since Assassin’s Creed. It is sufficient to add a few extras to a straightforward game, like Snake, to make it look a little snazzier.

You may demonstrate your programming talents using data structures, algorithms, and gaming engines (e.g. Unity)

Voice and Face Recognition Software or Apps

Being a part of voice and face recognition today not only demonstrates your technological prowess but also your ability to plan forward.

One or two excellent methods to highlight Python projects on your resume is by developing software that can identify your face and face to unlock a door or act as a password-enabling device, for example (Python is the third top tech skill employers want now just after Java and SQL).

Web Crawling/Scraping

This goes beyond simply developing a tool that simply scrapes the web, which is essentially worthless unless you’re looking for a massive database and has no real end aim.

Therefore, you have two options: either create a website that uses the information that was scraped for a specific purpose or automate the scraping tool to take action with the information on its own (for example, scraping the news and posting the top 3 articles on your social media feed).

An Ad Board

Actually, this could be any form of board where you employ a variety of users and user inputs. Programming and user interface design that recognizes the complexity of connecting diverse users with their demands is necessary to create a board similar to an ad board or job board.

This concept might also apply to a website or app that focuses on barter exchange.

Database administration, web development, and user interface programming abilities you can demonstrate.

Game Mods

Who said that programming has to only be used in serious applications? Use this opportunity to show off the game modifications you developed for your favorite game.

Since it requires both programming and creative thinking abilities, making game modifications may demonstrate both hard and soft talents.

Yes, non-game firms will be interested in this, to answer your question.

Coding (Python, C++, JavaScript), 3D animation, modeling, and SDK are examples of programming talents you may demonstrate.

Mobile Apps

One of the most common solutions in the IT industry is to create a mobile app. Making one or more applications is really straightforward with the resources available today and the simple accessibility of instructional videos.

However, there is a catch: there are a ton of mobile applications available, so unless yours is mind-blowingly brilliant, you’ll be as noticeable as a drop in the ocean.

If you want to land your ideal IT job, downloading yet another list or pomodoro timer app won’t cut it. Therefore, you have two options: either make the app more complex or choose a simpler app with an uncommon concept.

For instance, a straightforward to-do list isn’t really noteworthy. However, if you sync your to-do list with Evernote, Google sheets or calendar, or OneNote, you’ll have access to something far more sophisticated, intriguing, and valuable.

Another approach is to improve an app you already know by adding features, expanding or simplifying the UI, updating existing functionality, etc.

Programming abilities you may demonstrate: creation of mobile apps, UI, UX, and API

Forecasting Software

Everyone desires the ability to look into the future, and you can make it possible. Create a software that can draw out important connections from massive data sets. If the computer can foresee or predict based on those data sets, you’ve got a winner right there.

Don’t forget to modify your CV for the position you desire. Make a financial projection that projects earnings and losses if you’re seeking for an IT position in the business world. Try to predict user/follower retention and growth if you’re seeking for a marketing position.

You can demonstrate your programming talents through data management and analysis, software creation, forecasting, and analytical skills.

A Website or Blog

One of the easiest programming tasks you may work on is creating a website or blog. That does not imply that it must be really rudimentary.

Let your imagination go wild as to what your website may provide or do to demonstrate your programming prowess. Websites don’t necessarily have to be standalone programming projects; they may also be a terrific supplement to other projects like web scraping or ad boards.

HTML/JavaScript/CSS, database administration, UI design, HTTP server, and other programming abilities you can demonstrate.

Business Process Management System

Everyone is searching for a software or method that will simplify their lives. Business operations provide a wealth of duties and activities that, with the right software, can typically be digitized.

Start with a smaller amount because business processes may be highly drawn-out and intricate. For instance, HR dashboards can be highly complex, but you can work on developing software for only managing timesheets or figuring out overtime.

General programming, UI, database and process administration, web development, and project management are examples of programming abilities you may demonstrate.

How to Add Programming Projects to Your Resume

You may add programming projects to your resume in either the job experience part or the extra section, which are the two separate resume areas.

If you’re drafting a CV for an internship or have no professional experience, add programming projects to your employment experience. This will draw the recruiter’s attention and place your initiatives front and center.

Use the supplementary area of your CV for your programming projects if you have previous employment experience.

In either situation, provide the project’s name, duration, tools or technologies employed, and a few bullet points outlining what you accomplished and what you learnt. Be detailed and pertinent to the position for which you are applying.

Don’t forget to include any significant accomplishments or honors that you may have received for programming-related initiatives.

Key Takeaway 

One thing, though: this isn’t a comprehensive list. It’s excellent if you’ve worked on something else as long as it can demonstrate to the hiring manager specific talents.

Consider how you can make your own life or the lives of people around you better or easier. Next, attempt to think of apps or software that can address that issue. Just keep in mind that technological advancements are always changing. Therefore, citing Flash projects on a résumé is useless.