Eye-Catching Resume Templates: How to Get Noticed in 2022

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Every day, recruiters review hundreds of resumes. However, not all of them are read. They can’t even bear to look at some of them. The irony is that employers are simply waiting for something to grab their attention.

Why can’t your resume be that?

This short article will provide you all the advice you need on how to create a CV that will stand out and be noticed. A gallery of attractive resume templates will also be available to you, which will aid in landing your ideal position.

Let’s get going!

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The Most Attractive Resume Templates That Will Get Noticed

It’s time to spruce up your resume so it can get noticed now that you know what you want to say.

Here are 8 stunning and fashionable resume templates that will make hiring managers gasp for air.

1. Cascade by Zety

This is a top-selling resume template and one of the most striking ones available. Pay attention to the skill progress bars on the page’s left side. When compared to most resumes, which force the applicant to search for information, that’s a sight for sore eyes. Take advantage of that.

2. Concept by Zety

The middle of the page is highlighted by an almost empty blue side bar. Take note of the clever icon placement that draws the wandering attention to you and keeps it there.

3. Crisp by Zety

This modern design is more than just aesthetically beautiful; it is as crisp as the autumn air. The lack of color and the use of icons concentrate the recruiter’s attention rather than being unpleasant and distracting.

4. Diamond by Zety

When experience and elite work skills are under strain, you get the Diamond template. It immediately exudes professionalism, which is the best approach to draw attention to your resume.

5. Modern by Zety

All attention will be on this appealing resume template if it appears anywhere. The attention is placed where it needs to be—on your knowledge and expertise—by a clever, professional use of iconography and geometric forms.

6. Valera by Zety

Valera can assist you if you desire a fashionable CV. This resume design provides a touch of fancy imagination to catch the recruiter’s attention and make them glisten. This template, one of the most attractive resumes available, has a more personalized sense thanks to a soft, flowing font.

7. Vibes by Zety

Vibes is one of those captivating resumes that hiring managers find difficult to look away from. Vibes shows that you know your stuff and are a professional when it is tidy and organized. You only need icons, progress bars, and organized sections to attract people to notice your resume right now.

8. Minimo by Zety

This striking résumé, a minimalist’s dream, grabs attention despite its lack of flashy colors and extra bells and whistles. With the help of this template, you can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you mean business by providing the cold, hard facts. a pleasing sight for any hiring manager.

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

If the “easy on the eyes” templates are what you’re after, you may skip the tips. You can do that here, but let me tell you, you’re missing out because these pointers will make people take attention of your resume!

Let’s break down compelling resumes into 20 essential components that will make yours stand out.

1. Crunch some numbers

Numbers on a résumé stand out more than anything else. The advantage is that numbers take up less space on the page than words do, and they also generate statements that are stronger and simpler to understand. Say “15% rise in sales and increase in revenue of $27K” rather than “increase in sales and revenue.” See the distinction?

2. Use bullet points

You’re not working on the next great American novel; you’re looking for work. Make it simpler for the hiring manager to skim and read by keeping it brief and crisp. They will be grateful to you.

3. Write a strong resume summary or resume objective

The recruiter won’t read the remainder of your application if you mess up this section. If you’re fresh out of college or the workforce, use the resume aim to describe your objectives. If you have several years of work experience and can draw on your professional expertise, the resume summary is the best option for you.

4. Include your soft skills

Soft skills are actually more significant in the modern workforce than hard abilities. Why? If necessary, hard skills can be taught on-site. It takes far more work to build soft skills. When hiring managers find the soft skills they are looking for on your resume, they will be overjoyed.

5. Add your hard skills and technical skills

Any job posting will always list hard skill requirements, thus omitting them from your resume will cost you dearly. Don’t list all of your technical capabilities though. Keep your response pertinent to the recruiter’s needs.

Since almost everything involves technology, adding technical abilities is usually beneficial. Do not be evasive either. The phrase “good computer expertise” is meaningless. Be specific; if you can, including level bars or resume icons.

6. Tailor your resume

Standard resumes? Never once has a hiring manager said, “Yes, please.” You can demonstrate that you’re serious about the job you’re searching for by tailoring your CV to the organization and position. Don’t merely spam recruiters with resumes.

7. Show off your LinkedIn profile

Before a hiring manager ever asks you for an interview, a LinkedIn profile may be able to persuade them to learn more about you. Make sure it’s current before including it in your resume header because failing to do so could harm your chances.

8. Include volunteer experience

People frequently ignore volunteering because they believe no one is interested in it. It’s untrue. In fact, volunteering can demonstrate that you possess the knowledge and experience the company seeks. It makes no difference if you performed the labor with no pay; work is work. For candidates with little to no work experience, this is extremely helpful.

9. Don’t be afraid to add your internships to your resume

The process of adding internships to a resume is fairly similar to that of adding volunteer experience. Internships are a terrific method to smuggle in evidence that you have the experience and abilities the company is searching for, especially if you’re crafting a recent grad resume. Make sure they are pertinent and include as many action verbs and new information as you can.

10. Studied abroad? Mention it

The employer will be interested in your decision to study abroad for the same reasons that you are. You’re not frightened of stress, are open to new challenges, and maybe speak another language. That is strong.

11. Use action verbs

The verbs you employ should demonstrate how eager and involved you are in the work because no one will hire you to merely sit around all day. Substitute action words like “devised and introduce, created, spearheaded” with weak verbs like “did, wrote, held.”

12. Include resume keywords

Since many employers use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to scan resumes, find the keywords they’re looking for, then evaluate resumes based on those keywords, resume keywords can make or break your application. To improve your chances, use the job ad’s and the industry’s keywords.

13. Show yourself through your projects

Projects are a fantastic method to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge at work, and they aren’t just for jobs with a project-focus. Describe what you did, how it worked, and how you got through any obstacles. Employers will adore it.

14. Always flaunt your foreign language skills

The ability to speak another language is extremely advantageous in today’s world of globalization. Make sure to specify the level of your foreign language proficiency. Also, don’t make up anything; recruiters will verify it.

15. Hobbies & interests can ramp up your resume

Although a recruiter won’t be interested in your bug collection, they might be curious in other interests you have that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying to be a content writer, the fact that you create short stories demonstrates your passion for the craft and your potential to excel in the position.

16. Include your achievements & awards

This isn’t the place to brag about winning the gold medal at the spelling bee in fifth grade. Include any honors and accomplishments that can demonstrate to employers that you are a true authority in your industry.

17. Don’t be too quick to add your photo

The days of having to include a picture on your CV are over (unless you’re a model, actor, or someone like). It’s now regarded more as something that might result in hiring discrimination. They will see you during the interview, so keep your photo off.

18. Make things pretty with resume icons

This is a quick and easy approach to give your resume a truly contemporary feel and set it apart from other resumes with walls of text. Use them to highlight your abilities or additional information, or use them to distinguish across parts.

19. Use a professional resume font

You might believe that the font you use doesn’t really matter, but let me ask you this: How many Comic Sans-written resumes do you believe get approved each month? Indeed, nada. Select a resume typeface that exudes professionalism and modernity to offer your document some flair.

20. Format your resume like a pro

Look at any professional; they all appear to be qualified. Your resume is no different. Make sure your resume is formatted clearly, succinctly, and elegantly, with the margins, space, and fonts all being flawless.

You don’t need to follow every single suggestion in order to create a CV that stands out, but if you do, make sure to include the ones that apply to your particular situation.

You now have it! With the help of these ideas and tactics, you can transform any resume into a professionally stunning version that stands out from the competition.

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here’s what it might resemble:

Gratitude for reading! Do you know any tricks to make sure that employers notice your resume? Post yours in the comments section below!