Freelance Work on a Resume [Freelancer Resume Examples]

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How should I list my freelancing on my resume?

It’s a difficulty.

You have excellent experience outside of your regular duties.

It may be your best or only job at times

When done incorrectly, a freelancing CV appears to have a very large resume gap.

Do it well, and you’ll demonstrate why you’re the best applicant.

Do not worry.

This manual will demonstrate:

  • How to put your freelancing experience on a resume.
  • Where to effectively put a resume’s freelance experience.
  • Freelance resume examples are superior to the other nine out of ten.
  • Why including a cover letter with your CV will increase your chances of landing a job as a freelancer.

How to List Freelance Work on Resumes

How to list freelancing in a resume:

  1. Include your freelance work as a job on your CV.
  2. Recognize the employment offer you’re pursuing. Know the qualifications needed.
  3. Consider the times you hired yourself out and utilized those abilities.
  4. Create a customized resume by identifying your most relevant freelance accomplishments.
  5. Make the accomplishments bullet points on your resume.
  6. Make use of the greatest resume fonts and formats.
  7. Unless specifically stated in the job posting, save your resume as a PDF.

Think about this:

A freelance resume need not differ significantly from a standard professional resume.

For instance, were you a freelance consultant before looking for a position as a consultant?

Were you a freelance writer before applying for a writing position?

Either one can be displayed as a full job.

Do it like the first of our samples of a freelance resume:

Freelance Resume Examples [Experience]

See these sample freelancer resume experience sections.


Freelance Writer


  • Among a team of 3 that increased traffic from 1 million to 3.5 million per month, I was a significant writer.
  • hundreds of articles on careers that have a Google rank of #1 to #3.
  • Management has given praise for great content writing and SEO seven times.
  • You’re the most professional person I’ve ever met, the editor recently said.
  • 300+ backlinks from external, high domain authority websites were obtained.
  • I get about ten emails a week from users praising me for my informative posts.

Pow. To reject that, the employer would have to be very shrewd.

But if you remove their accomplishments, you obtain the following sample of a freelance resume:


Freelance Writer


  • As a freelance content creator, I wrote articles.
  • In charge of obtaining backlinks.
  • Delivered the work on schedule.
  • tasked with producing top-notch content with an SEO focus.

That sample of a freelancer CV won’t earn you a job.

It’s unclear whether you truly accomplished something or merely watched a ton of Netflix.


Be careful to demonstrate your abilities with outcomes.

Avoid using dull wording in your CV for a freelancer.

How to Put Freelance Projects on a Resume

You’ve completed countless jobs!

How can you list them in a way that attracts employers?

Your freelancer CV should have a specific “Projects” section for them.


Only include those that demonstrate your core competencies.

And on one or two pages of your CV, only include the information that will fit.

So be sure to include creative projects on your freelance artist CV.

Check out the following two samples of freelancing resumes:

Freelance Resume Examples [Other Sections]

The following CV sample for artists who freelance is irrelevant:


Additional Activities

  • I used HTML to build my own portfolio website.
  • My own house was built by me.
  • NFL fanatic.

You appear to be self-driven. That’s fantastic. But how talented an artist are you?

The following sample of a freelancer CV accomplishes it better:


Additional Activities

  • Provided design instruction to more than 30 professional artists from the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA).
  • Two full-time artists at Creative Onion Branding in New York City were mentored.
  • Enthusiastic whitewater kayaker.


  • 2017 NAIA Conference
  • 2019 NAIA Conference: Led a well-liked online design session


  • Automatic Writing and Gearboxes, a 2017 solo exhibition, was held at the Choupachou Art Gallery in New York, NY.
  • Mallawanda Piko Center, Framingham, Massachusetts, 2018 Juried Exhibition

That is on a Banksy level. That freelance resume sample will reach the proprietor of the gallery where she resides.

How to Put Freelance Work in a Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Here’s a surprise:

That ideal company? We’ll refer to her as Sharon.

Your freelancing resume won’t be read by her.

She will scan.

Grab her quickly before she disappears.


Demonstrating your bravery in the absence of a W-2.

Got any achievements from your freelance work that will make her wince? Include these in your resume aim or summary.

These two samples of freelancer resumes point the way:

Freelance Resume Examples [Resume Summaries]

Why is the first of these independent resumes for part-time work flawed?

5+ years of creative freelance photography experience. five years of managing multiple significant clients. numerous assignments were shot. created site pictures, magazine covers, and other things.

That’s not awful, but it won’t put you on the A-list either.

Therefore, follow the lead of the following freelancer resume sample. It is for a resume for a freelance writer.


ASJA Experienced journalist and writer looking to write high-ranking, popular articles for Comcast. Adobe, Costco, and Lowes are some of our current clients. A regular contributor to the magazines Boys’ Life and Scouting. Since 2014, I’ve written 1,500+ high-ranking, popular articles that have been published. built a money blog’s traffic to 800,000 in 18 months and a career blog’s traffic to 3.5 million.

Standout. Simply said, the employer overlooked the other candidates. She was inspired by her earlier successes.

Here is another sample resume for a freelancer. For a self-employed web developer: M.


Web developer with a passion for JavaScript, JQuery, and Photoshop. 10 wireframes were produced as part of freelance jobs for regional companies. Developed an e-commerce web app and a website for a new product launch. Teach monthly coding classes at neighborhood gatherings for web developers.

You can join the roster by submitting a CV for freelancers of that nature.

How to List Freelance Skills in a Resume

Let’s get to the point without delay.

If you can’t demonstrate your abilities, your past working as a freelancer will be ignored.

In order to stop yawning bosses:

  1. Look up the desired skills in the job posting.
  2. Look back to see if you have used those as a freelancer.
  3. Include a bulleted list of them on your freelancing CV.

The sample freelance resumes below demonstrate how.

Freelance Resume Examples [Skills]

Say Sharon included the following qualifications in the online job posting:

Required Skills: 1) traffic growth, 2) keyword research, 3) competitive analysis, 4) inbound links

Of course, include them on your list of freelance abilities.

Afterward, take the following action:

(1) In 18 months, I built a lifestyle blog with 800,000 monthly visitors.
For 500+ articles with high competition, I used (2) keyword research, (3) competitive analysis, and search-intent discovery to rank #1 to #3. surpassed Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, and scores of more publications. (4) Referenced by Forbes, Fortune, BBC News, ABC, NBC, and other prestigious publications. Interview with the BBC regarding my article on Olympic Training.

You’ll quickly have medical insurance if you do that.

What About a Freelance Cover Letter?

Is a cover letter required when sending a freelancing resume?

Yes. compared to any other type of resume.

Nearly half of all employers want to hire them.


On your cover letter, you must describe any freelance IT employment, consulting, or writing.

To be distinct:

  1. Use the name of the hiring manager.
  2. Show that you are aware of the requirements for the position.
  3. Describe why you are the ideal candidate.

Employers will nibble at the lips of this brief sample freelancing cover letter:

“The opportunity to apply for the IT Manager position at Wedesco Aerospace excites me much. Since I read your company’s creator Kevin Mastache’s book “Work Schematics” about it, I have appreciated your business culture. I used Oracle Primavera as a program manager at R/B Systems International to save 15 engineers 5 meeting hours each week, allowing them to earn an extra $315,000 per year.

I worked as an independent IT contractor on five jobs totaling more than $50,000. I oversaw a project to develop unique ERP software for the first. The requirements-tracking for 19,000 clients and more than 120 programs was automated by that software. To explain further… “

A freelancing resume pairs well with that freelance cover letter. Why? It demonstrates how your independent IT work and expertise gave clients new opportunities.

Key Takeaway

Listed below is a summary of ways to list freelance work on a resume:

  • Start with a summary of your freelancing resume. By demonstrating how your freelancing assisted clients, you can gain the employer’s trust.
  • Adapt your resume to the position. Demonstrate instances in which you met client goals by utilizing your job-matching talents.
  • Your resume should have a section for “Freelance Projects.” Put your independent writing, architectural, consulting, IT, or artistic jobs there.
  • Create a freelancing cover letter. Include your best freelance achievements to support your qualifications for the position.