How to List Volunteer Work Experience on a Resume: Example

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How can I put my volunteer experience on a resume? Say hello to Jill, the recruiting manager, before we continue. nice pair of Burberry glasses. She is using them to go through more than 300 resumes. They share the same appearance. What makes your CV unique? your service to others.

But how can one include volunteer work on a resume? Throwing it in randomly won’t work. Moreover, it may disastrously backfire.

This manual will demonstrate:

  • How to mention your volunteer experience on a resume.
  • Where to effectively include relevant volunteer experience on a resume.
  • Why unrelated volunteer work has to be included in a separate area.
  • How to add volunteer experience in bullet points on your resume to highlight your qualifications for the position.

1-  What is a Resume Volunteer Experience Section?

The area on your resume where you include any job that you’ve completed freely and unpaid is called your volunteer experience section. One effective strategy to stand out as a candidate for a job is to include a section on your volunteer work. It demonstrates your sense of community and offers you the opportunity to showcase your abilities as a professional.

2- When to Include Volunteering in Your Resume Experience

Is volunteer labor considered job experience?

Depends, really. If your volunteer experience is 1) very relevant to the position, 2) you have very little paid experience, or 3) there is a resume gap, it is advisable to include it in the “work experience” part of your resume. Volunteering is similar to working in that you put in the effort, someone keeps tabs on your progress, and you pick up new abilities.

Volunteer Resume Samples [Related Experience]

Consider applying for a position as a software developer with minimal prior paid experience. Here is a fantastic example of how to put volunteer experience on a resume:

Experience as a Software Engineer

Meals on Wheels Chapter in Two Rivers, Maine

  • Held a volunteer software engineer role with a Meals on Wheels chapter. performed programming tasks, such as website creation and record keeping.
  • 250+ page front-end WordPress site and blog development.
  • Created a web app with 58 temporary drivers and 1,047 delivery customers for tracking.
  • Managed web advertisements to promote recurring events and fundraising campaigns.
  • 70+ team members collaborated to deliver innovative, effective solutions.

Wow. like a Wonder Woman employment application. And you didn’t even need a synonym for “volunteer.”

Even if you weren’t paid, you have relevant professional experience in computer science.

Will the recruiting manager be impressed? The analysis indicates that there is an 82 percent likelihood that it will.

Check out what occurs in the following example of a CV for a community volunteer when anything goes wrong:


Additional Activities 

  • Inside a regular cycling club.
  • Served as a Meals on Wheels volunteer.
  • Sometimes post blog entries on hospitals.

Oh oh. That is not a proper way to include volunteer experience on a résumé.

Your irrelevant job experience obscures your useful work experience.

But what if your volunteer work is unrelated to the position? Should you still mention it on your resume? or after having a lot of paid experience?

Next, you’ll discover that.

3- When to Put Resume Volunteer Experience in a Special Section

Studies show that volunteering increases one’s employability.

We must speak with this person.

You may go a major step closer to the terms above by include even unrelated community service on your CV.

However, you must correctly list it.

If: Include your resume’s volunteer experience in a separate “volunteering” section.

It has nothing to do with the job offer. OR You have a ton of paid job experience in a similar field.

Volunteer Resume Samples [Unrelated Experience]

Say you’re composing a résumé for a medical facility. If your CV doesn’t include any volunteer work or other relevant experience, follow these steps:


Volunteer Experience 

  • Assist with clothing intake once a month as a volunteer at Goodwill.
  • Volunteering five times a year to prepare food at a nearby soup kitchen.

You cannot include such volunteer positions as experience since they are unrelated.

However, they still exhibit admirable traits like a service-oriented approach, skill, and collaboration. That’s pure gold in the eyes of recruiting managers.

4- How to List Volunteer Experience on Resume to Impress The Recruiter

Imagine a stack of 300 resumes.

90 people will list their voluntary work.

However, just one will be hired.

What misdeeds will the other 89 commit?

They won’t properly include their volunteer experience on their resumes.

Like a tow truck to a broken-down automobile, you must tie your volunteer experience to the position on your CV.


By adding bullet points that transform your volunteer experience into something useful.

Look how that’s done:

Volunteer Resume Samples [Bullet Points]

See how these subheadings transform volunteerism into relevant CV experience.

Say you are applying for a position as a project manager.


Volunteer Experience 

  • Lewiston Baptist Church volunteer in administration.
  • Member of the Dodge County Animal Shelter’s volunteer board.
  • Regular volunteer, neighborhood Red Cross group.
  • Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

Actually, it’s not that bad. It exhibits kindness, cooperation, and a service-oriented mentality.

However, highlight your religious volunteering on your CV with pertinent bullet points and look:


Related Volunteer Experience 

  • For five years, Lewiston Baptist Church’s volunteer administrator. led three construction projects worth more than $20,000, consistently finishing at least 10% under budget.
  • In my capacity as a volunteer board member, I oversaw the no-kill conversion of a staff of 12 at the Dodge County Animal Shelter.
  • Three IT initiatives were created and planned for the neighborhood Red Cross branch.
  • Worked with a group of 10 other volunteers to repair two at-risk families’ homes in Atlanta, Georgia, for the neighborhood Habitat for Humanity chapter.

Watch that? Specific volunteer labor is replaced with 100-carat job experience.

Despite the amount of sweat you put in, you can’t relate your volunteer effort to your paid profession. Next, I’ll demonstrate how to handle it.

5- When to Leave Volunteering Experience off Your Resume

According to a LinkedIn poll, 41% of managers indicated they’ve employed someone as a result of their volunteer experience.

Volunteer work conveys things hiring managers love:

  • Self-Motivation
  • Honesty
  • Physical Fitness
  • Customer Service
  • Dependability
  • A Service Mindset
  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Dozens of Specific Job Skills

Therefore, never, ever fully exclude volunteer work from your résumé.

On occasion, however, it ought to go in the “Additional Activities” section.

Got a long list of noteworthy accomplishments? Volunteering should be included under “Additional.”

You are unable to generate any bullet points linking your volunteer activities to the employment offer. In “Additional Activities,” include it.

Here is an example of how to include unrelated volunteer work on a resume:

Additional Activities:

  • Spoke on a child development panel at the ICE Conference for Teachers.
  • Voluntarily drive for Meals on Wheels once every month.
  • “Tween Teacher” published my piece on classroom management.

The Meals on Wheels experience in that teacher resume sample belongs in the “other” section.

Key Takeaway

How to list volunteer work on resume:

  • Always include your volunteer experience on your resume if you have it. Hiring managers adore it to pieces.
  • Include volunteer experience in your resume’s experience area if it’s relevant.
  • Include bullet points that act as Super Glue to the task.
  • Include volunteer work on your resume in a different area if it isn’t relevant or you already have a lot of paid experience.
  • Volunteering is a good replacement and a sign of value if you lack a lot of traditional experience.