How to Put LinkedIn on a Resume (Examples & Guide)

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How to Put LinkedIn on a Resume (Examples & Guide)

Will using your LinkedIn profile on your resume increase your chances of being hired?


However, only if you correctly show your LinkedIn URL.

Uncertain about how to proceed?

Not to worry.

This piece will demonstrate:

  • Why it’s a good idea to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume.
  • how to add your unique personality to your public profile to stand out.
  • How to properly place your LinkedIn handle on your resume and where to place it.

1- Should You Put Your LinkedIn URL on a Resume?

Yes, in the contact information area of your CV, you must provide a link to your LinkedIn page. If they can’t discover your LinkedIn page, up to 40% of companies can decide against even considering you for an interview.

Therefore, don’t make them feel hesitant to meet you.


Your LinkedIn profile is a useful approach to enhance your resume and provide more information.


Serious professionals who understand the importance of personal branding have made being active on LinkedIn a must.

2- Customize Your Linkedin Profile Before Including It in Your Resume

Make sure your complete profile appears professional before using your LinkedIn URL in your resume.

Let’s quickly go over the fundamentals here as we have a special tutorial that explains how to enhance your LinkedIn profile in detail:

  • Ensure that every component of your LinkedIn profile contains relevant keywords.
  • Create a personalized background image and get a professional profile picture.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline to attract recruiters.
  • Let your best accomplishments and distinctive abilities dominate your LinkedIn profile.


Make your LinkedIn URL unique.

In fact,

If you want to present LinkedIn on a resume in a professional manner, the last step is crucial.

3- How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL for a Resume





Naturally, you should include your LinkedIn URL on a resume, like the excellent example does.

4- Where to Put LinkedIn on a Resume

Along with your other social network handles and contact information, your LinkedIn URL should be included.

Key Takeaways

Including a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume can help you stand out to employers and provide them more information about your professional background. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and contains more information than just what is on your CV. Also, don’t forget to change the URL for your public profile.