How to Put Self Employed on a Resume (Sample & Tips)

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You are not Jeffrey Lebowski, and you do not reside in your mother’s basement. How can you persuade an employer that you’re a good fit? This self-employed resume sample can assist you in showcasing your abilities. On a CV, how can you demonstrate that you were self-employed? (Without appearing to be a slacker?)

The fight is genuine.

Too many employers associate “self-employed” with “resume gap.”

You cannot let them believe that.

Don’t be concerned. Simply highlight the appropriate abilities and achievements in your self-employment resume to stand out from the crowd.

This guide will demonstrate:

A self-employed resume sample outperforms nine out of ten others.

How to include self-employment on a resume.

How to include self-employment in your work history.

The ideal abilities to include in a CV for self-employed candidates.

How to List Self Employment on Your Resume

The hiring team’s leader—call let’s him Bart—

He wants to know you’re capable of doing the job.

Demonstrate it through self-employment resume experience.

To accomplish this:

Determine the skills required for the position.
Create a job history that demonstrates you have them.

Were you off the payroll for five years? Don’t say, “I worked for myself.”

Tell me about your job.

Display it similarly to the following self-employed resume sample.

Self Employed Resume Examples [Experience]

See these self-employment resume experience sections for ideas.

This one has the same job title as the internet advertisement.

It’s for a position that requires experience creating corporate movies, supervising videographers, and dealing with high-end customers.


Video Production by Verley


I’ve made over 150 corporate videos. All interviews, writing, photography, and editing was done by me. In two years, the company’s profitability increased by 200 percent.
Shingo Research Prize was awarded for one production.
Over 100 on-location sessions with 2-3 videographers each were planned and completed. I kept a list of six reliable videographers.
I’ve made movies for companies including Callaway Golf, Abiomed, Raytheon, and HID. ASML, BAE Systems, and Walmart were among clients.
One initiative generated $30 million in revenue.


To disregard that, the hiring manager would have to have rocks in his head.

It is effective because:

You presented your solo time as if it were a real work.
You listed impressive accomplishments.
You used the appropriate job title.
You have a lot of numbers in your employment history.

But if you ignore such achievements, you’ll end up with the following self-employed resume example:


Independent Video Producer


I worked as a corporate film producer for a number of well-known clients.
Planned and carried out video shoots.
I created video scripts.
Adobe Premiere was used to edit the videos.

Shaggy from Scooby Doo may be that self-employed resume example.


Use your accomplishments to demonstrate your qualifications.

Pro Tip: If you owned your own firm, keep the name even if it failed. Employers understand that running a business requires particular abilities such as self-motivation.

How to Put Self Employed Projects on a Resume

You’ve accomplished so much in your profession!

How can you persuade employers?

Add “other” sections to your resumes for self-employment.


Keep your resume to no more than two pages.
Use your accomplishments to demonstrate your abilities.

List videography accomplishments on a non-staff videographer CV.

Take a look at these two examples of self-employed resumes.

Examples of Self-Employed Resumes [Other Sections]


Taught a video production lesson to 20+ Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Costco Connection, Chicago Tribune, and other journalists.
Organize children’s coats twice a year.
Skier who enjoys cross-country skiing.


2019 VidSummit—taught a jam-packed project management session at 2017 VidSummit


2018 Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere—B&H Photo Blog 2018 Animation Production—No Film School Blog 2019 Green Screen and You—Shutterstock Blog

That’s Peter-Jackson material. That self-employed resume example demonstrates that you mean business.

Even cross-country skiing is beneficial. It demonstrates that you are physically fit enough for the work.

But avoid this one like the plague:

WRONG Extracurricular Activities

I created my own webpage.
I cultivate my own hops and brew my own beer.
I’m a huge hockey enthusiast.

Hmm. “Grow my own hops,” for example, may appeal to the hiring manager. But what if he drinks tea? You’re taking a chance.

It is preferable to keep on topic and demonstrate interests that reflect your job expertise.

Pro Tip: Do you have self-employment resume experience that does not match the job requirements? Keep them for a different career opportunity.

How to Put Self Employed in a Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Work quickly.

You are aware that initial impressions occur at the speed of light.

If you don’t immediately impress the team leader, he’ll move on.


Quickly demonstrate that you are not Peter Griffin.

Include a handful of jaw-dropping statements in your resume summary or resume objective.

These two examples of self-employed resumes demonstrate how.

Examples of Self-Employed Resumes [Resume Summaries]

This sample self-employed resume summary includes the following:


A client-focused video producer with 8+ years of experience who is proficient in interviewing, writing, shooting, and editing. Lens Focus Productions is looking to significantly increase its revenue. 150+ corporate client projects were written, shot, and edited at Verley Video Production. One 20-minute video brought in $30 million. Over 800 in-depth on-camera interviews were conducted.

Isn’t it delicious? The hiring crew had just begun blinking fast. You put your main guns up front.

But don’t do it like this:

WRONG Dedicated freelance videographer with four years of experience. Excellent writing, photography, interviewing, and editing skills. A quick study with a keen eye for composition. I’m looking forward to going back to work!

Nobody is going to read the remainder of that candidate’s résumé. This includes her mother.

Do you have less experience than that? It’s not difficult to include self-employment on a resume for entry-level prospects. Simply select your most notable achievements.

Consider the following self-employment resume sample for beginning software engineers:

Excited software engineer with excellent collaboration abilities. C+ and Java expert I’ve created ten apps for mobile and online use, including a functional Fitbit-style calorie-burn monitor for my kayak using an IMU and a strain gauge, as well as a nRF52 for low-power bluetooth. On GetJar, one app has over 300 downloads and a 5-star rating.

Putting self-employed on your CV will get you noticed.

Pro Tip: Don’t include “self-employed” on your CV. List your company name if you have one. At the very least, offer yourself a job title that corresponds to the one in the online job posting.

How to Put Self Employed Skills on Your Resume

Let us not sugarcoat things.

If you can’t establish your qualifications, all of your self-employment experience is worthless.

To make recruiting managers adore you:

Look for the necessary abilities in the job posting.
Examine your past to see when you used them as a free agent.
Include them in the bullets on your self-employment CV.

These samples of self-employed resumes demonstrate how.

Examples of Self-Employed Resumes [Skills]

Assume the following abilities were listed in the job posting:

1) radio infomercial creation, 2) corporate training videos, 3) voice overs are required skills.

Add these to your list of self-employment skills.

Then make bullet points like this:

Produced eight 30-minute (1) radio infomercials for nationwide distribution. One of them brought in $2 million.
Two (2) corporate training videos were created. One snowmobile safety instruction film was distributed to 32 Northern Maine rental firms.
11 radio ads for local and national radio were produced and (3) voiced.

The connection is immediate.

What qualifications should you include?

Find them in the top-level job resume guides.

You will also require transferable abilities.

Transferable Skills for Resumes of Self-Employed People


Hiring supervisors do not believe you can work together.

They believe that “self-employed” signifies “does not get along with others.”

So, demonstrate that you are a team player.

As resume keywords, use the self-employed abilities listed below.

Best Resume Skills for Self-Employed

Motivated by oneself
Interpersonal abilities
Customer care
Learning that is active
Making a decision and critical thinking
Physical fitness
Resolving issues
Attention to detail

Will self-employment resume successes truly “show” your skills? Not beyond a shadow of a doubt, but sufficient to earn you an interview.

What About a Self Employed Cover Letter?

Should self-employed resumes be accompanied by a cover letter?

It’s critical.

You must demonstrate that you were not simply hanging out and playing Fortnite.

To draw attention:

Make use of the manager’s name.
Restate the job specifications.
Demonstrate that you have them.

This little example self-employed cover letter accomplishes the following:

I’m thrilled to be applying for the role of video producer at Lens Focus Productions. Your firm portfolio website completely captivated me. Your work for Staples, TJX, and Thermo Fisher is captivating and motivating. I believe I’m a good fit because of my experience at Verley Video, where I created over 150 corporate videos for companies such as ASML, Callaway Golf, and Raytheon. One video generated more than $30 million in income.

I saw you place a strong priority on collaboration. I hired three contract videographers…

That cover letter goes well with a self-employed résumé.

It establishes you as a true professional with all the necessary skills.

How Should You End a Cover Letter for Self-Employed Candidates? With an assurance. “I’d be pleased to describe why one of my videos sold 300,000 copies,” for example.

How to Write a Self-Employed Resume in Summary:

Begin with an overview of your self-employment resume. Show a key professional milestone or two that demonstrates your ability to slay their particular dragon.
Match your self-employment resume to the job description. Show how your free-agent abilities have aided in meeting client objectives.
Incorporate self-employment projects and activities into your resume. Include publications, conferences, awards, and other accomplishments on your resume.
Create a cover letter for self-employment. Demonstrate that you spend your non-W2 time working hard to develop good abilities.