How to Put Shadowing on a Resume [+Examples]

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You gained some excellent experience job-shadowing, and you’re now prepared to convince employers that you can succeed on your own. However, as you scan your CV, it’s difficult for you to see where your shadowing experience belongs.

Can you even include shadowing on a resume?

You can, of course. If placed properly, it might demonstrate your readiness for the task at hand. We’re here to demonstrate to you how to do just that.

How to Add Shadowing on a Resume

Shadowing seems more sinister than useful. But in the end, what matters is the real-world experience you’ve gained from working. More so than what the opposition can say. The main point of including shadowing on your resume is to show off the knowledge and abilities you’ve gained.

Let’s begin by discussing the finest portion of your resume to include your shadowing experience—the job experience section.

Create a Work Experience Section 

Why is that? since you were already working when you decided to shadow. You are also learning information particular to your line of work. This is true whether you’re preparing a resume for an internship, a CV for someone with little experience, or a resume for a career move when you shift jobs.

Here’s how to include your experience working as a shadow on your resume’s work experience section:

  • Title should be changed to “Shadow Experience.”
  • List the business or institution you shadowed at along with its address (city and state)
  • Include the times you spent shadowing. Month and year are OK; they don’t need to be exact.
  • Include the activities you took part in while being shadowed. Include the person’s name if you were a clinical or medical shadowing.

Pro tip: Omit the amount of time you spent shadowing. The most important factor is experience, not duration. Recruiters will inquire of themselves if they desire to know.

List up to six responsibilities

Employers aren’t looking for a list of all the people you’ve ever followed around and their activities. Their time is valuable, so don’t waste it by being irrelevant or rambling. Show them how what you learnt might be useful to the firm by limiting your presentation to six bullet points.

Use action verbs while discussing your experience to do that. Leave out “watched” and “listened” when using “observed” and “engaged”. Action verbs really give your experience a much more polished sound.

Using the job description as a guide is a great hack. Use the resume keywords listed in the posting, and if necessary, add them to your resume. The fact that these keywords help to construct an ATS-friendly CV is an added benefit. Maintaining pace throughout your ride along is just as crucial.

How to Put Shadowing on a Resume Examples

Shadow Experience

Esme Dental, Georgetown, KY

April-Semptember 2018

  • I followed Dr. Maria Vasquez around a posh dental practice.
  • Occupied with creating dental treatment programs and responding to patient inquiries.
  • Saw minor operations, wisdom tooth extractions, crown placements, and root canal therapy.
  • Watched as the patient was brought in and the negatives were read during the X-ray procedure.

Although job shadowing is most frequently used in the medical field, it is also used in other fields. An illustration of job shadowing in administration is given below:

Shadow Experience

Office of G&M, Raleigh, NJ

April-June 2019

  • Workplace Manager was followed to obtain insight into the everyday operations of a 50+ person office.
  • Attended meetings of the office services to learn more about planning and budgeting for the administration.
  • Participated in brainstorming for an upcoming “summer surprise” event for staff at the office.
  • Watched mail delivery, delivery methods, and order placement in the office.

Evidently, shadowing doesn’t have to be dull and pointless. Focus on what you have actually learned and are capable of doing if given the job right now.

Add Achievements

It’s valuable to observe a professional at work, but you know what would make it more interesting? Your individual successes. Granted, when you’re only shadowing, that might not be so simple, but if there was a chance that you could participate meaningfully, include that as well.

Consider a period when you made a distinctive contribution, name it a noteworthy achievement, and put it directly under the bullet points of your job experience.

Here’s an illustration:

Key accomplishment: at the monthly meeting of the publishing team leaders, I proposed the notion of a new employee bonus. The idea was well received, and three months later it was put into practice, increasing employee satisfaction by around 15%.

That will undoubtedly catch the hiring manager’s eye.

Tailor Your Job Description

The truth is that simply stating, noting, and adding your shadowing experience won’t cut it. To draw the recruiting manager’s attention to your shadowing, you must modify your resume.

So how can you connect your shadowing experience to the job description?

Say you come across a job posting for an X-ray technician that requests that you:

Adopt safety and protective measures for radiation.

Prepare for, carry out, and support the doctor during complex and specialized procedures.

Verify that all actions adhere to regulatory agency criteria.

Make sure that all pictures and papers supplied to PACS are promptly submitted in high-quality (image quality, accurate lead markers, and patient data/history).

In the job posting, emphasize the abilities you have and can substantiate, like in the example above.

Then use the following examples to describe these crucial qualities in your experience shadowing:

Shadowing on a Resume Example

Shadow Experience

Heley Medical, Boise, IL

August-Oct 2018

  • Accompanied Dr. Richard Yee as he went about his daily business in the X-ray division.
  • Made sure that the patients responded to easy questions and received their X-rays on schedule.
  • Studied how actions are regulated to conform with them and committed to memory all agency and safety requirements.
  • Helped with the patient preparation for both easy and difficult X-ray procedures.

As you can see, this shadowing experience is pertinent to the job ad’s major themes and is completely suited to them.

That application will most certainly receive a callback!

Key Learnings

If properly included on your resume, shadowing can significantly strengthen it.

Be sure to:

  • Include the location of your externship and the people you observed (if applicable).
  • To make your list of shadowing more appealing, use active verbs.
  • Employers want to see the things that are specified in the job ad.

That’s all!

Appreciate for reading!