How to Put Unfinished College Degree on Resume [Examples]

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But what will people think of this?

You undoubtedly think of it when you consider including your incomplete education on your CV.

For your benefit, there is a situation in which you can absolutely influence what people think.

The only thing recruiters would consider if you mention your incomplete degree in a proper and professional manner is when you can set up an interview.

You will learn how to achieve it by reading this guide.

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How to Put Some College on a Resume 

Consider these questions rather than how much of your degree you have completed or haven’t completed: If you were to completely disregard your education, would this leave a significant employment gap on your resume? If not, were there any courses you attended that might be relevant to the position you’re going for?

These inquiries can assist you in concentrating on the value that even a limited education can add to your resume.

Now, you’ll typically be in one of two circumstances. You should approach listing your education in your resume differently depending on which category they fit into.

Therefore, these are the two distinct scenarios:

How to Put Incomplete Degree on a Resume

It is much easier to list on your resume if your education is still in progress than it may seem. The degree program(s) you’re enrolled in, the school’s name and location, and your anticipated graduation date should be listed. Employers won’t often hold it against you if you graduate early or later because your anticipated graduation date isn’t written in stone.

Having said that, avoid inventing an arbitrary graduation date. Explaining why you graduated three years later than expected is a little difficult and just makes you seem shady.

Your unfinished college should seem like this on your resume:

Example of a Resume stating “Currently Pursuing Degree”


B.Sc. Architecture

University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Expected graduation date 2020

Easy as pie. Now let’s discuss the second scenario.

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How to Put College on a Resume If You Didn’t Graduate

Your college degree program should not be mentioned, followed by the word “incomplete.” That doesn’t exactly appear great. Just list the institution you attended (name, dates you attended, and amount of credit hours you finished). If the GPA is under 3.5, skip it.

Instead of concentrating on the courses that are applicable to the position you are looking for, you might follow the same strategy as option #2 above. This strategy shifts the recruiter’s attention away from the fact that you dropped out of college and toward what you already know.

When you’re finished, these choices ought to resemble this:

Example of an Unfinished Degree on a Resume


Option #1

University of Colorado

Denver, CO

Option #2

University of Colorado (2016-2018)

Denver, CO

Completed 25 credits towards a BA in Business

Option #3

University of Colorado (2016-2018)

Denver, CO

Completed courses: Architectural History and Urbanism, Construction Practices, Building Systems, Theory of Structures.

That actually looks rather good! If your CV lists your incomplete college education in this manner, don’t be shocked if you receive interview invitations rather than denial letters.

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Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here’s what it might resemble:

Key Takeaway

Whether you’ve finished college or not is less important than the potential value it could give to your CV.

Recall the following when listing your unfinished college on a resume:

If you’re pursuing further education, state your degree program, the name of your university, and your anticipated graduation date.
Find a route that presents your unfinished education in the best possible light if you’re not going to finish it.

All there is to it is that!

Any queries, suggestions, or worries? Post it in the comments section below!