How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples]

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Creating a successful CV requires dedicating time and focusing on the finer points. After listing your employment history and experience, the next step is to provide a personal statement at the beginning of your CV. This statement enables recruiters or hiring managers to grasp the strategic contributions you can bring to the table.

How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples] 

What does the term “Personal Statement” mean?

A Personal Statement, sometimes known as a career summary or personal mission statement, consists of a concise and direct set of sentences positioned at the top of your CV. Its purpose is to capture the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention and succinctly highlight key experiences or qualifications relevant to the job you’re seeking.

“Why is a Personal Statement Essential?

In a world where recruiters and hiring managers sift through countless resumes daily, a personal statement becomes your differentiator.

This statement succinctly outlines your background and spotlights your distinctive skills. Its purpose is to showcase why you’re the ideal match for the job.

Even aspiring medical students require a medical school personal statement to distinguish themselves from fellow applicants. Moreover, it provides a platform to convey their personal narratives and aspirations.”

Examples of CV Personal Statements

No matter your chosen career path or level of experience, use these examples as inspiration for crafting your unique personal statement.

Feel free to extract bits from each example or create something entirely original. Always keep in mind that your personal statement should mirror your individuality and resonate with your personal aspirations and background.

If these examples don’t precisely match your career trajectory, don’t hesitate to draw inspiration and craft your personal statement from the ground up.

Personal Statement Example for a Recent Graduate CV

As a recent graduate from [Your University Name], with an honors degree in communications, I’ve successfully completed internships with renowned organizations, including Bertelsmann. These invaluable experiences have equipped me with the skills to make meaningful contributions in dynamic professional settings.

Explanation: To personalize this example, insert the name of your university and any relevant internship details. A compelling personal statement should always emphasize pertinent skills and experiences.

For recent graduates, who may have limited work experience, showcasing soft skills like adaptability in fast-paced environments and being a reliable team player becomes particularly crucial.

Personal Statement Example for a Returning to the Workforce CV

As a highly motivated and seasoned office administrator, I am eager to re-enter the professional arena after an extended hiatus devoted to nurturing my family. Proficient in the complete suite of Microsoft Office applications, I excel in facilitating meetings and cultivating client relationships to ensure the seamless and efficient operation of your office. During my career pause, I dedicated several years to volunteer work as an administrative support member for a local charity, reaffirming my commitment to resuming a full-time professional role.”

Explanation: This personal statement effectively addresses the career gap and the applicant’s reasons for reentering the workforce. It highlights relevant qualifications and underscores the value of volunteer experience, which becomes essential when there’s limited recent professional experience to draw upon.

Personal Statement Example for a Career Change CV

With over 15 years of successful experience as a sales manager, I possess a proven track record in building high-performing sales teams that consistently exceed budget targets. My leadership has directly contributed to a remarkable 20% annual increase in renewals across all product lines. Now, after a decade and a half in this role, I am seeking fresh challenges to leverage my marketing expertise in a fast-paced environment.”

Explanation: When transitioning to a new career, it’s crucial to emphasize transferable skills that can apply to different industries. Here, the focus is on leadership and team-building skills, which can be valuable in various contexts. Using specific numbers and percentages adds credibility to the statement when applying for new positions. The concluding explanation of the career change motive can be beneficial for some hiring managers, offering insight into the applicant’s motivation.

Personal Statement Example for an Experienced Professional CV

As a personable, seasoned, and highly skilled educator, I am deeply devoted to the art of teaching, possessing an intuitive understanding of students’ individual needs. My foremost commitment is to cultivate a safe and thriving learning environment that optimizes the educational experience. With nearly a decade of teaching experience spanning a diverse range of subjects, my rich background and extensive skill set align seamlessly with the needs of your team.”

Explanation: This personal statement effectively highlights the applicant’s passion for education and their dedication to their profession. It also emphasizes the breadth of their experience and skills, making them a compelling candidate for the position. Starting with a passion-driven statement can capture the hiring manager’s attention and demonstrate your commitment to the field.


Absolutely, a personal statement is a flexible tool that allows you to showcase your skills and qualifications in a way that aligns with your specific career goals and the requirements of the job you’re applying for. You can draw inspiration from various examples and tailor your personal statement to best reflect your unique strengths and the needs of the position.

By thoroughly understanding the job you’re pursuing and recognizing how your distinctive skill set can meet those needs, you can craft a compelling personal statement that sets you apart and increases your chances of catching the hiring manager’s attention. With the right approach, your personal statement can indeed help you stand out and move closer to securing the job opportunity you desire.