List of High Income Skills to Learn (With Examples)

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Just simply, certain jobs pay more than others. And you need the appropriate set of high-paying abilities to land the lucrative gigs. See a collection of the top instances of obese paychecks.

Many people put in a lot of labor yet still face financial difficulties. It’s common to be overworked and underpaid. The harsh reality is that some skills bring in better pay than others, even while not all lower-paying jobs are necessarily inferior than more lucrative ones.

They go by the name of high income skills. the skill sets that clients and companies are willing to pay more for. It’s a terrific strategy to boost your earning potential and improve your financial status to develop these skills and information.

We will define high income skills and provide you with a list of some of the most instructive instances. Therefore, let’s get going and put you on the road to earning the pay you deserve.

High Income Skills Example Resume

Tanya Malia


[email protected]

With more than five years of expertise creating digitally led campaigns for a significant multinational organization, the marketing coordinator is creative and energizing. spearheading the implementation of cutting-edge trend reporting and competitive analysis to increase sales by 20% annually.

Work Experience

Marketing Coordinator

September 2016–Present

Riparian Web Services, San Francisco, CA

  • Analyzed potential and put improvements into practice for lead generation, content production, and marketing procedures.
  • Teamed up with content and outreach experts to promote blog entries and guest posts in authoritative publications.
  • Pioneered innovative approaches to consumer trends, performance forecasts, and market research.
  • New competition analysis techniques were implemented, resulting in a 20% increase in annual sales.
  • New SEO tools were introduced, improving the average page ranking by two positions.


BS in New Media & Marketing

University of  New York

Relevant Coursework: Marketing Strategy, International Marketing.


  • Analytics Resources (e.g., Amplitude)
  • Skills in Collaboration
  • Automation & Content Creation
  • Writing and editing 
  • Email Marketing
  • Organizing
  • Internet Advertising
  • Optimization for search engines


  • Professional Digital Marketer with AMA Certification
  • Individual Qualification for Google Analytics (IQ)
  • Marketing Certification from HubSpot

What Are Skills With High Incomes?

The professional competencies and expertise that could land you a six-figure annual pay are known as high income skills. Due to differences in living expenses, the concept of high income varies from place to place, but a six-figure annual salary is a solid barometer for identifying high income capabilities.

In addition, the Pew Research Center has determined that roughly 19 percent of Americans live in upper-income homes, assuming you want to further define what high income means.

If you want to join the top fifth of earners, you need study the high income abilities listed below.

List of High Income Skills to Learn: 20+ Examples

The sequence in which these high-paying skills are displayed is random. However, you’ll notice that there’s a big emphasis on computer and IT skills, which reflects the growing importance of tech-based skills in the workplace.

All of the skills you’ll see are in great demand and are expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. So let’s get started and discover what you need to know in order to succeed financially.

1. Software Development

Although it was difficult to decide where to begin, software development is unquestionably a great candidate for our top slot. Software generally refers to the programs and other operating data that a computer or other electronic device uses to function. Additionally, there is a high demand for individuals who can write the code that powers so many facets of modern life.

Furthermore, learning to code doesn’t even always require a university degree. You may learn to code in months rather than years by enrolling in an online coding bootcamp from a company like EdX or Udemy.

What is the result, then? The average annual income for software developers is currently $107,510, with top-tier experts making up to double that amount. Definitely a highly rewarding skill.

2. UX Design

A flawless and enjoyable user experience is ensured by UX designers for all products, services, and gadgets. Their work is essential to the commercial success of a product or technology because they put a strong emphasis on the end-user experience.

Aspects of psychology and design are used into UX design, which is connected to business acumen and market research. There is a wide variety of online training accessible, and good UX designers may easily earn over $100,000 annually.

3. SEO

Another very useful technical talent is SEO, or search engine optimization. What exactly is SEO then? The process of making sure a company’s website shows up as high up as possible in search engine results, typically Google, is known as search engine optimization. A website receives more visitors and generates more revenue the higher it ranks in the search results.

As you can expect, any company with an online presence wants a piece of the action, which makes SEO experts in high demand.

4. Video Production

Content with video is king. Just look at how quickly TikTok and YouTube have grown. Compared to plain textual content, it is more interesting, informative, and intriguing. To improve their marketing results, businesses are looking for qualified video production specialists more frequently.

There are many resources accessible for learning about video production and editing, just like with the other skills we’ve addressed. Investing in the appropriate information and high-quality tools will pay off handsomely.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is a type of specialized writing that concentrates on developing advertising and marketing materials with the goal of promoting a good or service. It’s a high-paying expertise that is highly sought in virtually every business and is especially well suited for freelancing.

It can be quite profitable if you’re successful because the greatest copywriters can negotiate to be paid a percentage of the sales that their copy produces.

6. Business enterprises

Instead of using your talents for someone else, perhaps you’d prefer to go it alone. You’ll need to build entrepreneurial abilities in that situation. They are difficult to define since they encompass a wide range of abilities, including marketing, management, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Risk-taking, invention, and creativity are all components of entrepreneurship. It involves creating new business prospects and making ideas into reality. Additionally, the entrepreneurially inclined person has access to a wealth of resources for developing their skills. Look for business management training and entrepreneurship guidance from other accomplished inventors. A high risk exists.

7. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the delivery of advertising using digital platforms like search engines, apps, social media, and email. Even if you aren’t a marketing expert, you will be aware that these channels are quickly overtaking other methods as the primary means of advertising goods and services. Additionally, marketing that relies on traditional media is becoming less popular.

So it makes sense to learn digital marketing as a high-paying skill. Additionally, it offers a variety of specialist specializations, including internet advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

8. Audio Engineering

Although we’ve just talked about video creation, there is also a big market for audio production. The large corporate entities want in on the action because the podcast industry is booming. The typical fields for audio engineers are radio and the music industry.

While you might believe it, radio is still a viable kind of media. In reality, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped radio become more popular. Therefore, there will continue to be a high demand for audio engineering specialists in the radio industry.

9. Mobile app development

This highly lucrative ability has a direct connection to the previously described software development. But here’s why it’s important to note as a distinct talent to learn: Internet usage on mobile devices now outpaces use of desktop computers globally. Mobile had a market share of roughly 55% in January 2021, and it was growing.

There are an almost unlimited number of chances for mobile app development when you take into account the rising use of mobile devices for online shopping, banking, lifestyle apps, and more. Gaining expertise in this area creates a wealth of opportunities.

10. Business Analysis

Another skill with strong demand and growth that will help you increase your earning potential is business analysis. Through data analysis, business analysts assist organizations in improving their goods, services, and procedures. Additionally, every industry needs this expertise.

The predicted job growth is substantially quicker than normal, and the median wage is close to $100,000. Overall, if you want a better pay day, this is a great option.

12. IT Knowledge 

If you want to build skills that will enable you to generate a large salary, as I indicated at the outset, there is a significant emphasis on IT skills. So let’s look at a few more IT talents that are in demand right now and have a high earning potential.

Cybersecurity: Businesses and organizations must safeguard their electronic data and infrastructure. Since cybersecurity is in great demand and in short supply, it is worthwhile to pursue it as a high-paying skill.

Artificial intelligence: AI is expected to change the workplace. The need for AI specialists will continue to be high as more organizations integrate AI into their operations.

Cloud Computing: Simply described, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services via the internet. In 2020, it contributed more over $200 billion yearly to the US economy, and this number is expected to rise.

Blockchain: It’s not only about Bitcoin. Blockchain is expected to revolutionize smart contracts, safe voting, identity management, online payments, and more. There are many opportunities to make a good living because there is a high demand and the job growth rate in the blockchain engineering sector is above average.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is the term used to describe systems and items that are connected to one another over the internet. As an illustration, a refrigerator that can automatically place a grocery order when you start to run low. IoT offers a promising future for qualified workers with a market that is expected to reach the trillion dollar level in the future.

Programming: Knowing how to program is essential to almost every aspect of information technology. You may undoubtedly enhance your income if you gain a solid working knowledge of the most popular programming languages.

13. Soft Skills 

All of the high-paying skills we’ve discussed thus far are hard skills, which are specialized technical aptitudes that let you do your job. However, you shouldn’t disregard soft skills, which are characteristics that characterize how you interact with others, such interpersonal abilities. Gaining these skills will also enable you to make a good living. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Leadership and management abilities: You must be able to lead and manage others well if you want to develop in your work and earn more money.
  • Problem-solving abilities: It’s a highly-valued skill to be able to come up with creative solutions to company difficulties as well as to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.
  • Adaptability: You can maintain your earning potential if you can adjust to the changing nature of work and expand your skills to meet rising demands.
  • Gaining transferrable abilities will allow you the freedom to seek new and more profitable possibilities across other industries and employment. To earn well, you must have transferrable talents.
  • Collaboration abilities are necessary if you want to succeed financially. Effective teamwork leads to improved overall performance at work, which improves your compensation package as well.

How to Acquire High-Paying Skills

What high-paying skills should you seek, and how do you go about learning them? The good news is that this is a time when learning is at its best. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

1. Use resources available for free

There is a vast amount of free knowledge available, including on blogs, YouTube, and specific “how to” forums. Make use of it to establish yourself in your field of high-paying expertise.

2. Spend money on courses.

After you’ve used up all of your free alternatives, you might choose to go forward. Take a look at websites like Udemy, Coursera, and EdX that offer online instruction. Also remember the conventional educational institutes. A wide variety of training courses are being offered by universities and adult education centers, many of which can be completed online.

3. Find a mentor

Gaining the correct contacts is crucial to career success in general. Additionally, having a mentor who has already accomplished your goal of learning a high-paying skill will provide you with vital advice.

4. Use your new abilities

After completing the learning process, you must put your high-income abilities to work in the real world. And that goes beyond securing a job on a full-time basis or starting your own business in your industry of choice. You can start applying your newly acquired expertise through freelancing. To get started, check at freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

Key Learnings

Software development, UX design, video production, copywriting, and entrepreneurship are among the top high-paying jobs to master. Although many of them are IT-focused, you also need to have vital soft skills if you want to have a high salary.

Investigate the available learning opportunities, both free and paid, to increase your abilities. Find a mentor to support you along the path if at all possible. And use your abilities, whether it be through paid employment on a full-time basis, your own business, or freelancing.