PDF Resume Templates to Download (+ How To Format)

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You are also having trouble deciding which file format is ideal for submitting your job application. However, you’re leaning toward a PDF resume.

Find the following 18 PDF resume templates, and we’ll explain what to pay attention to while writing a resume from scratch. A recruiting manager will read it, you can be certain of that.

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On Toptalent, I came across a fantastic template that I used. My resume has been reduced from three pages to one. using the same things.

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Resume Templates to Download in PDF

Before moving on to the meat of the matter, let’s address the fundamental query: Word or PDF resume?

The correct response is to adhere to any particular guidelines provided in the job description or online application. All you have to do is that.

Consider saving your documents in different formats (PDF,.doc, and.docx) if you are sending your resume directly to a human being or if there are no clear instructions. This will allow you to decide which to submit depending on the following circumstances:

  • If there is no specification and no need for a specific resume file format, use a PDF.
  • When a recruiter requests a Word document specifically, attach it.

Pro tip: Depending on the company, a single job opportunity may draw up to 250 candidates on average. The software known as the applicant tracking system aids employers in screening resumes and searching for pertinent data by keeping track of keywords. If you succeed, your recruiter will receive an ATS-friendly version of your CV.


Did you know that using our builder, you can quickly create a resume and obtain a PDF of it? Absolutely, you can. A few of our PDF resume templates are shown here:


The best available. Classical and expert. Simple but effective Our Cascade is that. Its popularity as one of the most chosen resume templates should already indicate something. It exhibits you in the finest light and has everything you could ever want in a resume.


Can you think of one that is better? I can’t. The Primo design has undeniable originality added by the details, such rounded resume icons, an initial background, and a talents rating. Both professionals and people just starting their professions will find it to be great.


Do you want something distinctively straightforward? Cubic’s cue is that. If you don’t like elaborate designs, go for it. The resume template will provide you the room and formatting you need to impress hiring managers.


The modern resume template is here at last! You’ll beat out your rivals with this one. The recruiter will have just the right amount of blank space to rest their eyes on, but you still have room to list your accomplishments. See how the CV headline stands out, of course.


The Crisp resume template enchants you with a subtle finish, just like Cap’n Crunch. Without overloading your recruiter, sprinkle your professional accomplishments across your CV. Plus! You can be certain that you will receive the call due to the skill rating design. Fill out the resume template, then download it as a PDF.


Developing a two-page resume? The idea ought to serve as your default model. You can use the timeline to demonstrate to prospective employers your growth over time, and the symbols will help you conserve valuable space.


Among our templates, the gem. Just consider how distinctive your name and company name may be. Choose the Diamond template, then list each of your accomplishments in a separate column. Your recruiter will make sure they are not overlooked.


Sister of Cascade! Enfold is a two-column resume template that modifies one of our most well-known designs. Observe how the focal point changes depending on where the sidebar is positioned. Your resume summary and experience are now everything.


If you enjoy clever communication, you should use the Iconic template. In addition to helping you communicate your point more quickly, icons enhance the visual appeal of your resume. In a flash, your recruiter will find what they’re looking for.


Influx combines modern and graceful design. Your professional accomplishments will be properly represented by the sturdy header and the simple one-column layout. With the correct amount of surrounding white space, you have just enough area to strengthen your content.


Try to look your best! Initials understand how to wear color and draw attention to your abilities as a result. Fill out this imaginative template at your own risk, then download it as a PDF resume. You won’t be sorry!


Minimo gives a clean finish with just a hint of color. It appears expert and hassle-free. similar to how you need your PDF CV to appear. No need to be concerned about complicated formatting or visuals. Minimo is ideal for ATSs and recruiters alike.


Muse is your opportunity if you want your CV to stand out. A skill rating system and colored ribbons highlight your abilities while drawing the recruiter’s attention to you.


Fanfares and fireworks are not always necessary to draw attention. Nanica is a classic resume design with a clean layout emphasizing your professional and academic achievements. And you don’t need anything more to demonstrate your development and passion.


Another resume PDF template with a straightforward layout and contemporary fixes. The layout of your resume’s profile and experience parts on this one-pager will help you quickly secure the interview. Just make sure it’s packed with your achievements and not your obligations.


Your recruiter will adore Simple, a two-column design, for a number of reasons. First off, while having many successes in the main sections, there is just the right amount of white space to make it much easier to read. Second, the navigating process is made simple by the clear division of the resume’s sections.


Our one-of-a-kind resume template, Valera, features distinctive typography. The regular format of the template balances its personality, so your recruiter delves right into the specifics of your employment experience.


Vibes is the final PDF resume, but it’s still very important! It combines tidy resume structure with vibrant color combinations. Therefore, if you were looking for a resume template that is always effective, you have just discovered it.

How to Make Your PDF Resume

Create the PDF resume yourself if you like to start from scratch or work in a creative atmosphere where your resume serves as your portfolio. However, it will require your time, abilities, and finances. So be sure to understand what you’re getting into!

Here are the crucial ATS guidelines to make it all worthwhile once you’ve decided up your mind and are certain that your recruiter will accept a resume in PDF format:

  • Use the ideal font for your resume that is readable in print and on screen, according to tip #1. They include, among others, Arial, Garamond, and Helvetica.
  • Tip #2: Consider the format of a resume. Making an ATS-friendly resume template should be your top goal because the ATS cannot read unusual formats like tables, photos, charts, or graphs. It is preferable to copy and paste your PDF resume sample into a text editor to see if the software can read it. The ATS won’t be able to read your resume if the information starts to resemble strange indications.
  • Tip #3: Adhere to standard resume sections and forget about listing your professional experience as “The Way I Do Business.” Predefined titles like “Experience,” “Education,” and “Skills” are searched for by the ATS.
  • Use the exact terms and phrases from the job description to create the ideal keywords for your CV. You’ll satisfy the parser software as well as the recruiters.

Do you require guidance on how to organize your resume to best showcase your qualifications and accomplishments? Read our manual: 3 formats for resumes Examples of How to Choose the Best

Pros and Cons of Resume Format as a PDF

Now that you are fully informed on PDF resumes, let’s discuss why they are ever discussed. The benefits and drawbacks of sending a resume in PDF will completely explain everything.


  • Almost everyone has access to a computer with a PDF reader.
  • By saving your document as a PDF, you can be sure that when someone opens it, the formatting won’t be messed up.
  • No one else will be able to knowingly alter or mistakenly remove any portions of your resume file.
  • Less frequently are PDF files reported as having viruses.


  • PDF resumes might not be able to be read by all ATS software. (However, that might be prevented with the appropriate formatting.)
  • You still need to use Word or another editor to create an original resume document. (And that you can also ignore by utilizing a resume maker and its templates.)

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

Key Takeaway

When exporting your resume in PDF format, bear the following in mind:

  • Since the advent of applicant tracking system software, it is more important than ever to keep in mind minor specifics, such the file type in which you save your resume.
  • Although it might not seem important, sending a resume in PDF that isn’t structured to go through ATS software practically guarantees that it won’t go to a human recruiter.
  • Make sure you’ve given yourself a fighting chance by writing both a Word resume and a PDF resume if you want to keep your resume in the running.

Still unsure of the PDF format for resumes? Please let us know in the comments, and we will try to resolve your issues. Gratitude for reading!