Please Find Attached My Resume: How to Say It Right?

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Both language and the technology we use every day are evolving quickly.

But occasionally you’ll come across sayings that don’t seem to have evolved with the times.

One of them is my resume, which is attached.

The query is:

Should you pay attention?

Or would it be wiser to look for a more contemporary solution?

This piece will demonstrate:

  • Why not say, “Please locate my resume attached in an email” instead?
  • Please find attached phrasing examples and substitutes.
  • Proven hints to help you write a better cover letter and resume.

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Please Find Attached My Resume. Or Not.

The problem is this

The adaptability of language is what makes it beautiful.

You have an unlimited number of ways to express yourself with a limited vocabulary.

The issue is—

Making a poor choice is not difficult given the vast options available to us and the urgency with which we must act.

The following statement is accurate:

Please find my resume attached.

Yes, it is an idiomatic expression. Yes, that is grammatically correct. However, it reads as though it were written in the 1960s.

You know, back when the only item that resembled a smartphone was called a Tricorder and you could see it on Star Trek, when computers were the size of buildings.

The same applies to:

I have attached my resume.

Although this one appears superior, to modern eyes, it will have a certain Yoda-like quality—

The verb locate also seems a little strange.

Although it may be used idiomatically, it conveys the strange idea that you have misplaced something and are now seeking the recruiter for assistance.

Punctuation is not very helpful, as a pro tip. Please find my resume attached and Please find my resume attached both read as oddly as they appear.

Here are some more phrases that sound mossy:

Please find my resume attached.
Please find my resume attached.


In terms of grammar, none of the aforementioned expressions are at all incorrect.

They’re just all so formal and seem out of place with this time period.



You’re mistaken if you believe that altering the verb from attached to enclosed makes any difference. There isn’t.

In the past, using the word “enclosed resume” to refer to an envelope containing all of your application materials made far more sense.

Attachments are a part of emails. Aside from that, you don’t mail them in an envelope, do you?

One more thing is that—

There is a movement to stop using such archaic language, even in legalese.

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What to Write Instead

The most effective technique to inform the hiring manager about the attachments to your message is to

Work this bit of information into the message’s overall natural flow.

It’s simpler stated than done.

Not if you can see examples of how to do it correctly.

Imagine that:

This is precisely what happens after.

The following examples demonstrate how to alert the hiring manager that your resume is linked to the email they are now reading:

  • As shown, demonstrated, proved, etc. in the annex resume/documents/etc.
  • My CV and cover letter are attached.
  • Please examine and have a look at my resume, which is attached.
  • I’ve included my resume.
  • My resume is included.
  • Please find my resume attached for your evaluation and reference.
  • I’ve attached/included [like my résumé] for your consideration.
  • My resume is supplied as an attachment.
  • I’ve included my résumé with this email/message/attachment, and [ex: I’d love to be given consideration for the position].
  • I’ve attached my resume for your evaluation, for example.
  • Consider [the attached resume, for example].
  • Please review the résumé that is attached.
  • If you have any inquiries concerning the attachment(s)/attached resume, do let me know.
  • For more information, please see the résumé that is attached.
  • Please refer to the attached résumé for more information on my involvement in, for example.
  • The enclosed CV provides thorough details on…
  • The résumé you requested is included/included in the attachment.
  • All attachments are included below.


Refrain from speaking.

Seriously, you don’t even need to describe the file; just attach it. After all, the context of your message will make it clear.

Pro tip: Make sure the file name for your resume is both descriptive and appropriate.

As an alternative, you might want to share a link to your LinkedIn page or online resume.

Simply state, “Here is a link to my online resume/LinkedIn profile,” if that is the case.

You’re done now!

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Key Takeaways

The following information will help you properly use the phrase “please find my resume attached”:

  • Please find attached my resume strikes one as strange and archaic in today’s world.
  • However, they are grammatically sound. Just that there are more appropriate ways to request that someone review the attachments, like All attachments are included below.

Please enclose my resume with your communication to the recruiter if you are still on the fence about using it. Please mention us in the comments section. Please get in touch with us.