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A professional statement at the start of a resume is known as a resume summary. It outlines the candidate’s accomplishments, talents, and experience that are pertinent. The goal of this career summary is to persuade the hiring manager to read the entire resume by outlining your qualifications for the position in 3-5 sentences.

You’re about to discover how to ace it.

This manual will demonstrate:

who will gain the most from being listed in a CV.

Using our foolproof formula, here’s how to construct a resume summary.

Examples of the top 25 resume summaries.

General Resume Summary Examples

Growing revenue for a Massachusetts-based electronics company as an experienced PMP with a degree in law and seven or more years of experience attempting to use my project management skills as a project manager with Paylocity. Attended the 2014 Northeast Lean Conference as a guest speaker.

5 years of experience as a detail-oriented PE and Civil Engineer with a passion for finding solutions to challenging issues. to enhance quality, cost, and time metrics for NEP Engineering using tried-and-true project management and design techniques.

With more than 5 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors as a receptionist. kind, skilled at handling delicate circumstances, and diplomatic. Self-driven, extremely well-organized, and computer savvy. aiming to increase the student satisfaction ratings for ABC University. an undergraduate degree in communications.

You may learn exactly what a resume summary is, who it works best for, and how to construct one for yourself in the two sections that follow.

You may just click on the industry in the table of sections below if you’d prefer to skip these and get right to the resume summary examples for 25+ professions.

Resume Summaries for All Types of Jobs—Table of Contents:

Office and Administrative Jobs

-Administrative Assistant


-Executive Assistant

-Office Manager

Sales and Customer Service

-Customer Service


-Sales Associate


Education and Teaching

-Social Worker


Medical Careers


-Medical Assistant




-Financial Analyst

Food Service



General Business Jobs

-Project Manager

-Data Analyst

-Business Analyst

-Human Resources

Technical Careers

-Software Engineer



General Labor



Why a Career Summary?

What is a professional summary on a resume? Let’s review the definition.

A resume’s header is a succinct introduction called a career summary. It draws attention to appropriate experience, career accomplishments, and abilities. It is a brief summary of your professional life. A career summary statement should compel the recruiting manager to continue reading.

It must contain pertinent experience, successes, and talents. This means that the summary should emphasize traits linked to the tasks and obligations specified in the job description.

What about resumes for entry-level positions or career changes? Should the applicants simply omit this element of their profiles?


You would do better to write a career objective if you have little experience because it emphasizes your skills rather than your experience.

Definitions are becoming hazy, professional routes are no longer clearly defined, and businesses now anticipate that recent graduates will already have some job experience.

Particularly because of the second point, an increasing number of students, entry-level candidates, and career changers now choose a resume summary over an objective.

For this reason, in addition to all the examples for experienced candidates, the examples below also include resume summaries for entry-level positions, college students, and career changers. It’s one of the most adaptable sections on a resume.

How to Write a Resume Summary

If you need to introduce yourself quickly, use our builder; otherwise, we’ll show you how to do it.

With only one click, you may access pre-written resume summaries. Choose what you want, make it your own, and finish in a flash.

Here is an example of a resume summary:

Give a brief summary of your key character strengths.

Mention your current position’s title and previous employment history.

Describe how you hope to support the employer’s objectives.

Include details about your major accomplishments to demonstrate your ability to produce outcomes if employed.

Use numbers whenever possible and keep it to 3 or 5 words.

But if you approach writing a resume summary from the incorrect side, this won’t really be of much use to you.

And every effective resume summary begins with the same thing—

Resume Summary Example

Self-driven and upbeat customer service specialist with at least two years’ experience guiding users through websites and resolving problems with products and services. eager to help BookMe establish a sterling online image by offering first-rate customer care. received 98.9% good reviews at GHI Inc., where my regular call-in client retention was 25% higher than the corporate average.


What makes this sample resume summary so potent, specifically?

Simply put:


And to be honest, the most important thing you should remember after reading this post is this:

A specific job offer should always be the focus of your resume summary.

You’ll quickly see how closely linked they are when you place the example resume summary above next to the job offer it was created for:

Self-motivation and a positive outlook aren’t just trendy buzzwords; they speak to the precise requirements listed in the employment offer by the employer.

Given that the company has particular requirements, mentioning two or more years of experience is also not arbitrary.

The fact that navigating websites and addressing product and service concerns are identified as two of the most crucial duties means that they are also included in the summary.

The phrase that follows In addition to mentioning the employer by name (personalizing the introduction) and making a specific reference to the employer’s goals and vision as stated in the job offer’s summary, the applicant expresses a desire to assist BookMe in establishing an impeccable reputation online by offering first-rate customer support.

The resume summary’s concluding sentence is jam-packed with the applicant’s relevant professional accomplishments and provides concrete proof that everything that has come before is true.

See how it functions?

The trick is this:

Consider the job offer to be your ultimate career overview cheat sheet (as well as the rest of your resume.) Not only can you get all the qualifications and work experience the employer wants, but you can also find suggestions for the ideal resume keywords there.

Hold onto this final idea for just a moment.

ATS software is used by more than 98 percent of Fortune 500 organizations to initially review candidate resumes.

How is the ATS put to use? Here’s simply the gist of the idea because we have a whole article on how to create an ATS resume that goes into more detail:

The keywords in your CV are compared against those in the original job posting by ATSs.

They will reject your resume if they can’t find the words they’re looking for. even if you are completely qualified.

Due to the significance of relevancy, you should begin creating your CV by reading the job offer.

Pro tip: Applying for the jobs you are qualified for is the only method for you to develop a completely personalized resume summary. Numerous negative things could occur if you choose random offers. Your job search may first go on forever. You might start lying on your résumé, which is number two. Third, you’ll never be able to modify every single section of your CV to fit the job offer.


If you are considering:

Do I have to start over every time I respond to a fresh employment offer while writing the CV summary?

Yes, it is the solution, but

If you know the secret formula, it needn’t be that difficult.

This is it:

[Adjective(s)/powerful personality trait(s)] [Your Title Here] [Your knowledge]. eager to aid, support, help, etc. [Business name] [What you hope to accomplish with the employer and how you hope to do it] [Your major accomplishment(s)].

And in actuality, it operates as follows:

Self-motivated and upbeat [adjective(s)/strong character trait(s)]

Customer service expert is [your title].

[your experience]: Having worked with clients for more than two years, guiding them through websites and addressing problems with products and services…

eager to assist…

[Business Name]:…BookMe

[What you want to assist the employer do and how you want to accomplish it]:…in developing a stellar online image by offering first-rate customer service…

[Your major accomplishment(s)]:

received 98.9% good reviews at GHI Inc., where my regular call-in client retention was 25% higher than the corporate average.

This personal statement formula may be copied and pasted into a new document to begin filling in the blanks. Of course, you may change it whatever you choose.

But keep in mind:

Don’t place anything haphazard there.

Being detailed is the secret to producing the finest resume summary.

You’ll wind up with a resume summary that will appear OK if you don’t include information or just write the items you believe make sense without properly comparing them to the job offer.

but will have no effect at all.

Like this:

Bad Example of a Resume Summary

WRONG: a seasoned representative of customer service who is qualified. Would love to work for your organization to continue my professional growth and look for new challenges. praised frequently by supervisors and peers for handling challenging clients and resolving complex problems.

The aforementioned resume summary example doesn’t seem all that horrible on its own, does it? It even somewhat adheres to the model outlined in the preceding paragraphs.

So why is it a poor example of a resume?

First, the lack of pertinent keywords makes it extremely improbable that it would pass the ATS screening stage.

Second, if the recruiter only had to read this one paragraph of your CV, they might even ask you to an interview. But—

According to Jobvite, an average job offers draws roughly 30 resumes, thus the only response this resume summary would receive is a smile.

It is ambiguous, nonspecific, devoid of quantifiable data concerning the politician’s accomplishments, and entirely focused on what the candidate wants.

It’s a resounding nay all in one.

Pro tip: Eliminate all personal pronouns while crafting your resume summary for US employers. Don’t use the phrase “I am a qualified customer service rep” in your writing. Write “Qualified customer service rep” instead. In the US, writing resumes is typically done in this manner. However, full-sentence structures like I am a qualified… are entirely acceptable when applying for jobs in the UK.

For a resume summary statement, keep the following in mind:

As stated in the job offer itself, make sure everything you mention there addresses the employer’s particular criteria for the position.

Use the words that define character traits to describe your own.

Consider the goals of the organization and explain how your expertise and talents will help them reach those goals.

For greater impact, add continue action words.

Utilize numbers to put your accomplishments into perspective and turn your core strengths into observable outcomes.

One more thing is that—

When your entire resume has taken on its final form, write your resume summary.


This will make it much simpler for you to select the information that is most crucial to include in a well-written resume summary statement.

Resume Summary Examples for Most Common Careers

On first job resumes, a resume summary statement is no longer regarded as a mistake.


Indeed, a growing number of applicants at the entry level have prior employment history.


Here is an illustration of how a resume summary for an entry-level position might appear:

Entry-Level Candidate Resume Summary Example

analyst with a lot of passion and experience in management and communication. attempting to better understand ABC Inc.’s important business indicators Increased employees’ comprehension of important KPIs by 25% while working as a business writer for DEF Inc. My presentation on the corporate principles of DEF on Google Slides was turned into a webinar that attracted more than 3,000 viewers.

To be absolutely clear:

The line separating a summary from an objective may become hazy for entry-level candidates. Keep in mind that a career objective emphasizes your skills, whereas a career summary concentrates on your relevant professional experience.

That being stated, it makes no difference if you’re creating an objective for your personal profile or an entry-level resume summary.

What counts is—

Never appear unqualified in front of others.

So, take a good, long look at yourself and consider which of your prior positions might be applicable to the position you’re looking for. Think about items like:

-Other jobs you had

-Education (incl. school projects, coursework, etc.)

-Volunteer work

-Commendations from superiors

-Freelance work

-Hobbies and interests

-Personal projects

The aforementioned illustration is totally based on the applicant’s unpaid internship experience.

Did you anticipate it?

Maybe it’s a good idea to start with an internship if you have no prior experience? Our comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to write an internship resume.

Alternatively, go straight to our guide if you require more in-depth guidance on creating a CV for a junior position: Sample and Complete Guide for Entry-Level Resumes

Example of a Student Resume Summary

UC Berkeley student pursuing a BA in Marketing with diligence and motivation (GPA 3.8). I am eager to work with ABC Media as a Junior SEO Researcher and contribute to the creation of data-driven outreach marketing strategies that will improve the company’s online visibility. With data-driven outreach marketing, I previously completed a three-month internship. The top 100 domains from which the firm intended to gain backlinks were found after analyzing more than 10,000 URLs.

You don’t have to be inexperienced to be a student or recent graduate.

Make sure your college student resume summary reflects any employment experience you may have had. like what you see in the aforementioned example.


The CV summary for students might include information other than your internship experience, like:



-Internship history

-Relevant projects

Read our guide, College Student Resume: Sample & Full Writing Guide, if you want more specific information.

Business Executive Summary Resume Example

E-commerce executive with more than 7 years of experience who is motivated and organized. passionate in creating new companies and organizing marketing plans. aims to improve and update ABC Inc.’s KPIs. DEF Inc. raised sales by 30%, enhanced ROI by 40% year over year, and reduced yearly expenditures by 25%. Business at GHI Inc. increased by 80%.

Any seasoned professional’s CV must include a strong resume summary.

But keep in mind this:

If the job offer is unrelated to your resume’s executive summary—

It won’t matter at all.

Resume Summary for a Career Change

Software engineer with a strong work ethic, keen to apply C# and Java expertise to help ABC Inc. produce top-notch programming and clean code. 15 mobile and web apps in all were created. I’ve tested and debugged more than 15 applications and worked on more than 5 GitHub projects. developed the back-end code for more than 30 e-commerce websites.

You should demonstrate how your prior experience connects to the new position you are seeking if you are changing careers.

The aforementioned example was provided by a freelance software engineer who works part-time and aspires to begin a full-time job as a programmer at a big business.


A resume goal can be the answer you need if your experience isn’t as pertinent to the position you’re looking for as your skills.

Resume Summary Examples for 25+ Professions

You’ll get a selection of professional summary resume example for various occupations in this last part.

Keep it in mind

Every time you respond to a new job offer; you must update your professional summary on your CV.

Because if it’s unrelated to the position you’re applying for, it won’t help you at all.

After that,

Even yet, writing is usually lot simpler when you have a solid resume summary sample for your industry to use as a starting point.

We divided the examples into industries for your convenience.


A link to a comprehensive resume writing instruction for this specific job title is provided with each resume summary sample.

Office and Administrative Jobs

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

Senior administrative assistant with more than 7 years of experience, dedicated. while performing regular office administration tasks, I coordinated the trip schedules and arrangements for 5 top executives. eager to assist ABC Inc. with scheduling and communication. moreover, capable in accounting and prepared to help with bookkeeping developed and executed three office projects that allowed the organization to make annual savings of about USD 10,000.

Receptionist Resume Summary

With more than six years of experience in the commercial and governmental sectors, the receptionist is adaptable and well-organized. capable of handling delicate circumstances and eager to provide ABC Inc. her talents in communication, diplomacy, and organizing. A CRM system with reporting capabilities was introduced at DEF Inc., helping to save expenses by up to 25%.

Executive Assistant Resume Summary

Executive assistant with over 7 years of experience who is dependable and dedicated. eager to serve ABC Inc. with strong analytical and organizational abilities. DEF Inc. substantially reduced travel expenditures by over 30% by optimizing them. Also, saved USD 500K a year by revamping and installing a modernized phone system.

Office Manager Resume Summary

Dynamic office manager with more than 7 years of experience in the field. aims to increase productivity at ABC Inc. by utilizing outstanding managerial and organizational abilities. supervised a group of five administrative assistants in a high-volume retail setting. lowered lead times by 45% while increasing the number of new contracts by 30% annually. Spending on office supplies was optimized, saving more than $50,000 annually.

Sales and Customer Service

Resume Summary for Customer Service

Customer support agent with over 3 years of experience helping clients with complicated problems who is positive and upbeat. Willing to assist ABC Inc. in becoming an industry leader with my solid customer service abilities. three times honored as consultant of the month. within the first quarter of employment, assisted in cutting the First Response Time by 20%.

Sales Resume Summary

Tenacious retail employee with more than 4 years of experience. eager to contribute to ABC Inc.’s KPIs through exceptional customer loyalty-building and sales abilities. consistently garnered over 90% good customer feedback, with a 30% above average score for return business. also manages a well-liked unboxing YouTube channel with more than 3,000 monthly views.

Sales Associate Resume Summary

Intelligent sales associate with more than five years of experience in both print and internet media. eager to increase DEF Inc’s revenue throughout the upcoming fiscal year by at least 40%. In past employment, I consistently surpassed quarterly sales goals by 10%. Received the Salesman of the Year Award in 2018 because of maintaining a 90 percent year-over-year customer retention rate.

Cashier Resume Summary

Pleasant cashier with more than 5 years of industry experience. aims to increase efficiency at ABC Inc. by utilizing superior organizational and attention-to-detail skills. Awarded Employee of the Month at DEF Inc. four times in a row for accuracy and productivity. At GHI Inc., I worked 450 days without taking a sick day and outperformed my rivals in accuracy by 30%.

Education and Teaching

Social Worker Resume Summary

Over 7 years of professional experience as a licensed clinical social worker. eager to assist the clients of ABC Center with the construction of top-notch treatment plans and evaluation abilities. At DEF Center, 35+ treatment plans were developed, and 40+ clients worked together to attain goals with a 90% success rate in less than nine months.

Teacher Resume Summary

Secondary education specialist with more than 8 years of experience creating tailored courses that adhere to state standards. I’m eager to work at ABC School so that I may put my extensive experience of project- and content-based teaching strategies for English as a Second Language (ESL) to use. prepared 300+ students with a 99% pass record for certificates in foreign languages.

Medical Careers

Nursing Resume Summary

PICUs and ICUs of community hospitals for more than 10 years as a bilingual pediatric registered nurse. A Pediatric RN at DEF Hospital who is eager to use her expertise in management and patient care by joining the ABC Hospital staff. Thanks to a complete knowledge of hospital protocols and a commitment to excellence, compliance rate assessments frequently showed scores of above 90%.

Medical Assistant Summary for a Resume

Having more than 5 years of experience as a certified medical assistant. eager to support excellence at ABC Med with excellent patient care skills. Got 99% good reviews at DEF Med. A thorough understanding of EHR helped to reduce errors by 22% while saving USD 70,000 annually.

CNA Resume Summary

Reliable, multilingual CNA with over 10 years of experience in a range of healthcare situations. BLS and CPR certified. aims to make use of his established managerial and patient advocacy abilities at ABC Medical Center. I oversaw a group of seven or more CNAs at DEF Care Home. Developed and put into practice a set of protocols that decreased pharmaceutical administration errors to 0.1 percent.


Accountant Resume Summary

Senior CPA with more than 6 years of experience who is persistent and disciplined. eager to use IT and account reconciliation experience at ABC Inc. Improved DEF Inc’s cloud computing procedures in previous roles, resulting in annual savings of up to 800 hours. discovered and fixed a problem that resulted in annual savings of roughly $1 million.

Financial Analyst Resume Summary

 Chartered Financial Analyst with more than 7 years of experience in the industry. aims to benefit ABC Inc. by utilizing its knowledge in cost- and revenue-maximizing budgeting. By spotting low-margin transactions, DEF Inc. was able to save USD 3.5M. Additionally, GHI Inc.’s improved pricing policy increased customer retention metrics by up to 40%.

Food Service

Bartender Resume Summary

A charismatic bartender with more than six years of experience who has worked in upscale clubs in major cities and coastal regions. A 20% increase in upselling to all customers was made possible by having a superb memory, ability to establish rapport, and narrative talent. possesses an in most states valid bartending certificate.

Server Resume Summary

Serving customers at ABC Restaurant for more than three years as a dependable and cordial waitress. eager to join DEF Restaurant to provide a superb dining experience for its customers. every night, served up to 80 people and saw to it that all the food was delivered on schedule.

General Business Jobs

Project Manager Resume Summary

Law-trained IT PMP with eight or more years of expertise in increasing revenue for a fin-tech company. eager to use project management skills and managerial experience for ABC Inc. carried out a lean training initiative that resulted in a 40% cost reduction in 6 months.

Data Analyst Resume Summary

Data analyst with more than six years of expertise in business process analysis. To promote growth and improve sales outcomes at ABC Inc., I’m eager to use my talents in interpreting and visualizing big data. In my current position, I have found a significant bottleneck, cut operating costs by over 20%, and saved upwards of USD 500,000 annually.

Business Analyst Resume Summary

Business analyst with six or more years of experience and a Ph.D. in computer science. seeks to hire at ABC Inc. the best managerial and analytical abilities available. In previous positions, I increased a Fortune 500 retail company’s warehouse profitability by 30%. undertook thorough assessments of business processes, which resulted in a 23 percent increase in income.

Technical Careers

Software Engineer Resume Summary

Dynamic and inventive software engineer with more than five years’ experience writing reliable code for businesses with high production levels. eager to provide outstanding coding abilities to CDE Inc.’s development team. In previous positions, I quadrupled ABC Inc.’s code efficiency and enhanced customer retention by 30%, among other things.

Engineering Resume Summary

Mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience who is creative and tenacious. aims to advance manufacturing excellence at ABC Inc. by utilizing top-notch production design and process expertise. increased DEF Inc.’s production efficiency by 25% and delivered on time and more than 20% under budget each time.

IT Resume Summary

IT consultant with over 5 years of experience in a fast-paced fin-tech business who is likable and committed. eager to give outstanding computer and analytical abilities to assist ABC Inc in expanding its clientele. Prior positions acknowledged for highest overall company quality satisfaction rating (over 99 percent). Additionally, in a single quarter, decreased customer waits times by 20% and increased client satisfaction ratings by more than 40%.

General Labor

Warehouse Resume Summary

Over 7 years of experience as a qualified warehouse associate. I’m eager to work with ABC Inc. and bring top KPIs and superior organizational abilities. As a warehouse employee for DEF Inc., I reached top 96 percent picking-packing speeds and efficiency. recipient of the DEF Inc. picker of the month award five times.

Housekeeping Summary for Resume

Supervisor of housekeeping who is organized and adept at both daily and extensive cleaning. eager to join the ABC Hotel to contribute to keeping it organized and clean to the greatest standards. In prior positions, I oversaw six cleaning employees at the DEF Hotel and helped increase favorable customer evaluations by over 45%. Identified and rectified a reoccurring issue with guest room air conditioning that saved USD 300K.