Resume Contact Information Tips (Phone Number & More)

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Your resume is excellent.

The education section is unbeatable, the job experience section displays accomplishments that will get you an interview call right away, and the skills section, well, they kill.

But it doesn’t matter-

—if your resume contact information is incorrectly formatted and lacks the necessary facts.

Does my address need to be on my CV, though? Should LinkedIn be listed on resumes? What about my birthdate?

Your resume’s personal information seems so simple in comparison to the other sections, yet therein is the issue. Many forget which contact information to add and how to include it.

Be at ease. Our tutorial will show you how to construct your resume address, what information to include in the contact section, and which personal information to omit.

What Contact Information Should be on a Resume?

Your Name and Professional Title

Adding your name to a résumé seems simple and unimportant to discuss, just like contact information in general.

There are a few things to bear in mind, though:

Go entirely legal. Make sure to spell your first and surname names exactly as they appear on your identity card or passport.

Be dependable. In any further contact with the firm, be careful to use the same naming convention.

This resume contact information and address guide will demonstrate:

How to properly style and write an address on a resume.

Contact information formatting guidelines and samples.

Whether or not to include personal information, such as websites and social media accounts.

Professional Acronyms

List them because you deserve to! Please list any post-nominal letters, often known as certification, education, or professional acronyms, following your name and a comma:

CPA John Smith

However, these customs vary per nation, so make sure.

Middle Name on Resume?

 It’s OK to use your middle name or initial on your CV. Just keep in mind the point made above and use the same naming convention on your cover letter.

Nicknames on Resume?

Don’t use nicknames. Use your complete and official name wherever possible in papers until the employment process is through. Feel free to let your new employees know that you are Robert, but they are welcome to call you Bob during an interview or after you are employed. (Or, My Captain, O Captain!)

Professional Title on Resume?

 A professional title field right after your name is a common feature of contemporary resumes. Similar to a LinkedIn headline, you may use this to succinctly explain your professional brand. As it appears beneath your name, some people refer to this as a resume subtext or headline (your name being the title, in this case).

Your Address on the Resume

It’s customary to include a resume address, but before doing so, consider the following:

Do I need to include my address on my resume?

An address on a resume is not necessarily required in the modern world. Although the employer has the option to mail you an offer or rejection letter, it’s more probable that they’ll send you an email.

However, some firms could only be interested in hiring local residents, possibly because of favorable tax laws or for business reasons.

For some occupations, include an address on a CV could be necessary, but if you don’t fit inside their geographic restrictions, you might not be considered for the post.

Some people are also interested in where you reside since they want to know how long it will take you to commute and whether you have a history of being late.

On the other hand, omitting your address off of your resume could offer you a chance with businesses that only want local candidates. Your distance will therefore mean considerably less to them if you are invited in for an interview so they can decide if they like you.

The city and state may not reveal much to the employer, but the street address or zip code has, regrettably, been utilized for discriminatory purposes.

These days, obtaining statistics (socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, political inclinations, etc.) based on this information is relatively simple.

Can you safely include your address on a resume?
Every time you provide personal information, notably your address, there is a danger. The regulations prohibiting them from using your address in a harmful way, however, considerably exceed the slight danger of exposing it, so generally speaking, it is safe. Just stay away from Craigslist’s spammy job advertising and stick to the top employment forums.

Home or mailing address on resume?

The majority of people have a home mailbox, thus their street address, postal address, and home address are all the same.

However, be careful to mention that address if you get your mail at a different location, such as a post office box. Avoid the possibility of missing their offer letter!

Oh, and if you believe that your home address may be used against you (for the reasons we previously outlined), think about getting your own post office box.

In addition, it is preferable to spell out the complete name of a city if it may be shortened, such as New York, NY (NY, NY). The city might serve as a resume keyword, but the state should only be shortened to two letters.

Make sure you are familiar with how to write street addresses in several languages, if necessary.

Relocation on a resume

Skip the postal address if you are moving to the city where the potential employment is headquartered.

To avoid concerns about why all of your employment experience is unrelated to the organization, make sure to indicate in your cover letter that you are relocating.

A few folks have inquired as to whether it’s unlawful to use another person’s postal address on a résumé. Pro Tip: It is lawful as long as you get authorization. Don’t miss that essential response, though, so make sure you have easy access to it and check it frequently.

Although it won’t have all the same information, your cover letter should still be correctly formatted.

Email Address & Phone Number

The two most crucial contact information to mention on a CV or resume are your email address and phone number. Make sure you correctly enter them.

A resume’s email address
It’s important to establish a professional email address for resumes; avoid using one from your high school.

Rıght:  [email protected]  

Wrong: [email protected]

Moreover, avoid using your current work address! If you do this while moving employment, it will appear unprofessional and dishonest, and you will quickly lose access to it.

Last but not least, select a modern, reputable, and trustworthy email service like Gmail.

Phone Number on a Resume

Include your cell phone number as much as possible (if you also happen to still have a landline).

Every country has a different standard for writing phone numbers. Just keep in mind to add your country’s calling code with your phone number if you’re seeking for work abroad:

+1 (657) 333-1313

Be consistent across papers, just like you would with any personal information on a CV.

Other Contact Methods

Some job searchers might wish to think about include a second form of contact, particularly if they are applying for positions abroad. Depending on your situation, you may include a Skype account or a Google Hangouts URL.

Pro tip: Whatever phone number you choose to provide, make sure the voicemail is available for the company. Your amusing message about being away having sex that you recorded with your significant other might not be suitable during your job search.

LinkedIn & Social Media on Resume

Social media profile names and URLs are popular choices for what to put in a resume, even though they aren’t technically contact information.

It’s not only normal practice to list LinkedIn on a resume; we strongly advise it. According to our HR statistics study, 87 percent of recruiters utilize it to research applicants. You should make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized because it is the standard career and networking tool.

How may LinkedIn be added to resumes and CVs? Simply connect the address of your LinkedIn profile on the resume. This will make it simple for the employer to examine your profile by clicking.

These days, it’s also popular to integrate social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. The recruiter or HR manager will probably still look you up even if they are often irrelevant. Therefore, tidy up your internet reputation!

Additionally, having social media connections on your CV has the advantage of demonstrating your modernity and digital proficiency.

It’s advisable to choose to include social media on a resume if you consider yourself to be somewhat of a public personality. Additionally, instead of posting your personal profile, think about adding your brand’s Facebook page.

How should I put my social media accounts on my resume? Make sure your social media accounts (@jackcox) are correctly hyperlinked, especially on electronic versions of your resume, such a PDF.

Websites & Portfolios

Consider include its URL to your contact information resume section to showcase any relevant blogs, websites, or online portfolios you may have.

For instance:

Useful for designers and creative people, Behance allows you to showcase your artistic abilities.

Github is a platform for contributors and developers to showcase and distribute programs and snippets.

Muck Rack – Bloggers and journalists may share a portfolio of all of their works that have been published.

In order for them to learn more about you, you could also wish to provide a link to your own blog or website.

Which Information NOT to Include in the Contact Section

Writing a resume is all about incorporating the appropriate information while also leaving out the incorrect information. A resume shouldn’t contain certain elements.

Contact information may be found much as on a CV or resume.

The following contact information should not be included on a resume:

The Incorrect Address
Although we’ve previously discussed it, I would be negligent if I didn’t bring it up again here. If you get your mail somewhere else, like a PO box, don’t use your home or street address on your CV.

Fax or Pager Number
Really, do you need an explanation?

Number for the current position
Avoid sitting at your workstation the majority of the time when you are awake. Even if your present employer is aware that you are actively looking for a new job, using a mobile phone number may put off potential employers.

A picture (headshot) is frequently included next to your CV’s contact information in several nations, especially in continental Europe. Don’t include a photo, though, unless you are submitting an acting or modeling CV in the majority of English-speaking nations, notably in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Date of Birth
It’s generally not a good idea to provide your birthdate on applications because doing so might encourage ageism. However, there are some occupations that need you to provide proof of your age (bartenders, for example).

Additional Address or Phone Number
A second postal address, phone number, or email address is virtually never necessary. Any of these might merely make you and the HR manager more confused.

Just keep in mind that these guidelines are subject to change. Consider your personal situation and make adjustments, much like you would with references on a CV.

Key Takeaway

The smallest but most crucial portion of your resume is the section with your contact information.

In summary, here’s how to write your address on a resume:

Simple and displayed just as it appears on your cover letter, your name should be. If you do decide to utilize a title, keep it brief yet informative.
Your email address should be straightforward and appropriate. If at all feasible, your phone number should be a mobile one.
Your resume’s address must be properly structured. If you get mail somewhere else, only provide your postal address; do not include your home address.
Links to your social media accounts should only be for relevant web profiles. Nowadays, it’s usually advised to use your LinkedIn URL.
Include a link to your related website or online portfolio if you have one.
Avoid using personal information in your address areas, such as your birth date, and confirm that it is okay for your location and industry to submit a resume profile photo.