Resume Keywords: List by Industry [for Use to Pass the ATS]

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Do you believe that hiring managers read resumes verbatim? Well, reconsider.

They check for keywords for resumes. The same is done through applicant tracking systems. You need to up your resume keyword game if you want to defeat the system. How can you tell whether your resume’s keywords are appropriate? How can you locate the most relevant resume keywords for your sector?
Continue reading to discover what resume keywords are and how to employ them to pass the candidate screening process.

This article about resume keywords will demonstrate:

  • Useful resume keywords and action verbs. also, avoidable keywords for resumes
  • How to use keywords effectively in emails, cover letters, and resumes.
  • How to pass the ATS resume exam and what a scannable resume is.
  • The best method for choosing the keywords you should include in your resume to get an interview.

1- Resume Keywords: What’s the Big Deal?

For normal corporate employment opportunities, there are around 250 candidates. Because of this, recruiters use applicant tracking software (ATS), which we’ll go into more depth about in a moment.

This kind of screening software quickly completes the task by looking for resume keywords. Did you succeed on the ATS resume-scanning exam?

Hold off on your first excitement. According to our HR statistics study, hiring managers spend about 7 seconds examining each resume that makes it to the next round.

Guess how they do the task so quickly. Exactly. They also search for resume keywords.

What number of resume keywords should you include on your resume then?

The standard range is 25 to 30. Don’t spam the bots or the humans that control them.

2- Identify What’s Important to the Employer

In high school, I had a crush on this girl.

I was aware that the girl loved volleyball and detested the US government. But everyone else was aware of it as well.

It would have been as pointless to bring up these issues as to mention the weather.

So, how do you dazzle?

Employers will assist you, but love prospects are still a mystery.

The most significant resume keywords are found in job descriptions.

One thing to keep in mind, though: Resume keywords aren’t terms you have to utilize at all costs. Avoid lying! You’re going to swiftly crash and burn in a blaze of glorious jobless.

These resume keywords should go where?

We’ll look at how to strategically include resume keywords in all the major areas in the parts that follow, including the summary, objective statement, experience section, education section, skills section, cover letter, and email.

One Resume Keyword You Must Always Use—

Which resume keyword is the best? that of the business.

Also the appropriate work title. But you already know that!

Include it in the header statement for the resume summary or resume objective (and the cover letter, but more on that later):

affable customer service agent with more than two years’ experience working in a hectic contact center. according to studies, obtained the highest satisfaction rating for the firm (99.36 percent ). seeking a career advancement with the Carson Logistics team.

For the past two years, a pleasant customer service representative. I want to join a worthwhile organization for a fulfilling career and want to use my expertise in phone and email support systems.

The ideal illustration is unique and contains one of your most significant searchable keywords. Mass dissemination of the incorrect example is inappropriate. Use it and get ready for widespread rejection.

Use a job description keyword finder for resumes like Jobscan to get a free ATS scan for your application. They also frequently offer phrasing ideas for resumes.

Know the name of the business? Great! One of the top keywords for resume scanners and keyword generators is “resume.” Write the resume objective in full: Use these 20+ resume objective examples or resume summaries on your resume (Tips) Writing A Resume Overview 21 Best Illustrations You’ll See

Keep in Mind Your Education
That’s accurate. Education can be one of the resume keyword categories that the ATS will analyse with the highest weight:
Resume credentials education keywords
See this illustration? A bachelor’s degree is required, but they’ll also scan your résumé for keywords relevant to computer science.

not completed yet?

Try this:

completed three-fourths of the prerequisites for a bachelor’s degree.
a computer science major
anticipated 2021 graduation.

See? The “bachelor’s degree” resume keywords that hiring managers search for are in there!

3- Identifying What’s Important to the Industry

You did a fantastic job of extracting some relevant CV keywords from the job description.

These can’t be your only resume keywords, either. It would be odd and downright stalker-like if I told the girl I liked that I liked everything she liked.

It’s time to continue developing the remainder of our persona by conducting market research.

How do we start? Google works wonderfully for areas-of-expertise resume keyword searches:

Trying to join the cabin crew of an airline? Search for flight attendant resume keywords on Google.

Need phrases to describe your talents on an IT resume? Also Google them.

However! The generated list of skill keywords should be used as a guide only.

Consider the following sample of resume keywords for a business manager: You could have ten years of manufacturing-related experience, but it’s more likely that you don’t. Avoid copy-pasting!

Where should these resume keywords be placed? Mention any practical experience you may have in the job experience area. If relevant, you can do the same while discussing your schooling.

Include a skills section that provides a basic notion of your expertise (and some resume keywords!) if you lack a measurable means to demonstrate your abilities and experience keywords.

Draw from the lists of both soft and hard talents. Hard talents are specialized knowledge and abilities (Photoshop). Soft talents are traits that one develops through time (adaptability). 

No lying once more! You’ll be out the door in no time with this. You now have a general list of abilities and traits to catch the manager’s eye and a precise list of individual capabilities from the job description to hold it.

Pro tip: Increase the “keyword density” of your resume by utilizing more of the terms you think are most crucial.

4- Where To Put Keywords On Your Resume

As a result, we went through resume keywords from A to Z, covering every component of your resume as well as your email and cover letter.

I’d like to simply restate how and where to utilize these keywords for resumes now:

The heading statement on a resume (Summary or Objective)
To make it unique, provide the name of the business:

Seeking employment with Acme Incorporated, a company that uses…
Choose a few resume keywords from the job description to support your claims:

affale customer service agent with more than two years’ experience in a high-pressure call center setting
On a resume, under Experience
To demonstrate that you are familiar with the tools they would like you to utilize, include terms from the job description.

In the Education Section of a Resume

Instead of merely mentioning “B.A.,” specify your major (and minor).
Check the job description once more; you could be asked to add relevant education. These are resume search terms they might use as well.

5- Resume Keywords & the ATS

Recruiters are receiving an increasing amount of applications these days, and that trend will only grow. How are they going to handle the influx of job applicants?

by giving some of the labor to the robots for outsourcing. Robots, that’s right.

Robots in this context refer to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a piece of software that hiring managers may use to go through applications and find those that contain specific resume keywords.

The ATS operates as follows:

  • Manager inputs resumes after scanning them.
  • The manager provides ATS search terms.
  • ATS scans resumes in search of crucial terms.
  • Based on keywords, ATS organizes and rates resumes.
  • The hiring manager will or won’t contact the candidate for an interview based on the score.

They are improving, but they are still antiquated and unreliable. Most still don’t account for different spellings.

For instance, MA or Master of Arts might be used to refer to Investigative Journalism. Therefore, look for the most frequent spellings on LinkedIn

6- Don’t Forget to Use Keywords On Your Email & Cover Letter


Whoever it may affect

It seems cold and impersonal, like the way commoners may have greeted the nobility in the Dark Ages, while being formal and legitimate.

It’s not what you desire. You want to make the hiring manager feel at ease. Why do you do that?

Easy. Use their name as the ideal resume keyword. It adds a personal touch, giving you more time to review your CV than the usual six seconds. It demonstrates that you did your homework and aren’t just spamming everyone with your CV.

7- Dangerous Instances of Keywords You Need To Avoid

Additionally, there are certain risky terms. Here are certain words you need to steer clear of, whether they convey a bad picture or are plain TMI:

Professional looking for a prosperous job using industry-proven track record and go-getter mentality. Results-oriented with unmatched enthusiasm, devotion, and drive.
What even does that mean? Some of those resume buzzwords and power phrases sound very good here and there. However, if you overstuff it with every business and industry phrase imaginable, you’ll really decrease your prospects.

Avoid referring to oneself as the finest at anything or as extraordinary. Let your credentials and experience do the talking. Nobody enjoys boasters.

We created invented terminology for our own advantage when dealing with cell phones at a prior employment. For instance, we referred to the Nexus phone as the Nexi (like cactus to cacti). Nexus is simple to comprehend. Neither the recruiting manager nor the ATS would recognize Nexi.

Overly Impressive Previous Positions
Founder, Entrepreneur, CEO, and Owner are the four terms that LinkedIn recommends avoiding. These indicate general management, flag raising—

When she was the boss before, would she fit in well here? If you must, only include these (e.g., parallel position).

8- Resume Wording: Use Active Voice

We want your resume actively considered, and active voice is important towards this goal.

Passive Voice vs Active Voice


Managed homewares department.

Homewares department was managed by me.

See the distinction? While the second looks elusive and less obvious, the first is brief and to the point.

On resumes, active voice is desired. We utilize them to verbally detail your primary responsibilities and accomplishments.

9- 750+ Resume Keywords: A List of Words to Use for Any Industry

Keywords for Accounting & Finance Resumes
Financial analysis, financial planning, foreign exchange, global banking, international financing, investment, investor relations, job costing, letters of credit, leveraged buyout, loan, loss, numbers, o, branch operations, calculation, capital, collections, commercial banking, consumer, corporate tax, cost accounting, cost/benefit analysis, credit analysis, debt financing, deposit, E-Trade, Excel, FILO,

Cultural & Creative Resume Keywords
Adobe, art, awareness, Behance, bibliography, commission, color, design, grant, ideation, Illustrator, InDesign, lecture, packaging, Photoshop, Pinterest, portfolio, presentation, print, residency, Sketch, typography, visual, web design, workshop

Keywords for Education & Learning Resumes
Administration, advising, coaching, counseling, course, curriculum, education, discipline, job placement, literacy, mentor, peer counseling, program development, recruitment, scholastic, student services, study, teaching, technology, training, tutoring, field instruction, grant, holistic learning, inclusive,

Keywords for Engineering & Scientific Resumes
The following terms and concepts are used in this sentence: 3D modeling, analysis, business process, capital project, charge order, cross-functional team, computer-aided engineering, development cycle, efficiency, documentation, engineering, environmental testing, experimental design, facilities engineering, field performance, guidelines, hydraulics, industrial engineering, justification, land survey, manufacturability, methods, process development, product design, product innovation, project costing, project planning, prototype.

Keywords for Food Service & Hospitality Resumes
amenities, meticulousness, bartending, back-of-house bussing, beverage, calculation, cash handling, catering, club management, communication, concierge, cooking, customer, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, quick-thinking, adaptable, front of house, food, food expediting, food knowledge, food preparation, food safety, friendly, front-of-house, guest, health, hospitality, inventory, menu, multitasking, occupancy, ordering, personable, people skills, point of sale

Human Services & Healthcare Resume Keywords
psychiatry, psychology, public health, rehabilitation, social services, substance abuse, testing, third party, treatment, ambulance, assisted living, behavior management, case management, casework, chronic care, clinic, continuity of care, counseling, electronic claims, emergency, fee billing, grant administration, inpatient, managed care, multi-hospital, outpatient, patient, physician, preventative medicine, and provider

Keywords for Human Resources Resumes
Applications, assessments, benefits, candidates, career planning, change management, claims, compensation, competency, disabilities, electronic applicant screening, employee empowerment, employee relations, equal opportunity, hiring, incentives, labor arbitration, labor contract, merit, negotiations, organizational needs, performance incentives, position classification, professional recruitment, salary, sourcing, st.

Keywords for Information Technology Resumes
cellular, communications, data, data recovery, database, desktop, disaster recovery, documents, end user, engineering, firewall, hardware, IaaS, information systems, imaging, implementation, java, javascript, LAN, local area network, machine learning, multi-user interface, network administration, NoSQL, operating system, project, real-time, remote access, SaaS, security, server, SQL, startup

Keywords for Law Enforcement Resumes
Analysis, anti-terrorism, appeal, armed security, arrest history, asset protection, corporate security, covert operations, criminal activity, criminal prevention, crisis communications, crisis management, detection, drugs, electronic surveillance, emergency preparedness, fraud, identity theft, interrogation, narcotics, safety training, surveillance, task force, theft, traffic enforcement, uniform patrol, and victim

Resume keywords for lawyers
Legal advocacy, legal research, legislative review, licensing, limited partnerships, litigation, mediation, memorandum, motion, negotiation, paralegal, patent law, probate law, settlement, trial law, unfair compensation, will drafting, administrative law, affidavit, antitrust, briefs, case law, clerk, copyright law, depositions, discovery, intellectual property, joint venture, judicial affairs, juris doctor, landmark decision,

Keywords for Logistics & Purchasing Resumes
procurement, purchasing, replenishment, requisitions, sourcing, subcontractor, supplier, supply chain, transportation, truck loading/unloading, vendor, warehouse, competitive bidding, deadstock, demand planning, fixed-price contracts, fleet management, forecasting, international trade, inventory control, inventory planning, just-in-time, materials

Keywords for Maintenance & Repair Resumes
Carpentry, commercial electrical, electrical systems, finishing, HVAC, hydraulics, journeyman, maintenance, masonry, painting, plumbing, repair, roofing, scheduling, superintendent, surveying, tools, troubleshooting, welding, and wiring are just a few of the trades involved.

Keywords for Management Resumes
Assessment, Assets, Benchmark, Budget, Corporate, Cost Reduction, Crisis, Efficiency, Entrepreneur, Evaluation, Executive, Financial Management, Goal, Growth, Improvement, Leadership, Long-Term Planning, Margin, Market Development, Operations, Performance, Performance Standards, Planning, Policy Development, Process Improvement, Productivity, Profit & Loss, Recruitment, Regulator

Resume Keywords for Manufacturing, Industrial, & Warehousing
the following terms and concepts are used in this sentence: cargo, carrier, container, contract, dispatch operations, distribution, distribution management, driver leasing, equipment, export, fleet management, freight, forklift, health and safety, improvement, inbound/outbound, just-in-time, load analysis, logistics, manufacturing, materials, multi-site, occupational hazard, operations, order fulfillment, order processing, performance, port operations, receiving, regulatory compliance, route management, route planning, and

Non-Profit & NGOs Resume Keywords
member services, non-governmental, not-for-profit, board, budget, campaign, community outreach, corporate giving, donations, endowment, foundation, funds, grant, grassroots, humanitarian, policy development, press release, public relations, research foundation, retention, strategic planning, and volunteer recruitment

Administrative & Office Resume Keywords
Administrative procedures, back-office operations, budget management, business management, clerical support, customer communications, contract administration, client communications, document management, efficiency improvement, executive support, front-office operations, liaison affairs, meeting planning, office management, policy, procedure, productivity and performance, project management, records management, regulatory reporting, resource management

Keywords for Public Relations Resumes
The following terms and concepts are used in this sentence: advertising, brand management, broadcast media, communications, community, corporate identity, corporate creative services, crisis communications, direct mail campaign, electronic advertising, event management, Facebook, fundraising, journalism, logistics, market research, media relations, outreach, presentation, press releases, print media, promotions, public affairs, public speaking, publications, sales incentives, social media, special events, sponsorship, and strategic positioning.

Construction & Real Estate Resume Keywords
Real estate appraisal, real estate investment trust, renovation, residential, return on investment, site development, turnkey, estimating, fair market value pricing, building, code compliance, commercial development, competitive bidding, contract administration, contract award, demographics, environmental compliance, mapping, preventative maintenance, project concept, project development, and property management

Resume Keywords for Retail & Customer Service
The following terms and concepts are used in this sentence: account management, account representative, assessment, awareness, benchmarks, buyers, call center, communications, contracts, credit, customer, customer needs, customer retention, customer satisfaction, customer support, delivery, distribution, fulfillment, help desk, inventory control, knowledgebase, loss prevention, loyalty, orders, procedure standardization, processing, promotions, quality, records, sales, service, sourcing, surveys, telemarketing, vendors.

Keywords for a Sales & Marketing Resume
Account, Account Management, Action Plan, Advertising, Agency Management, Analytics, Angle, Audience, B2B, B2C, Behavior, Brand Management, Competitive Analysis, Creative Design, Direct Mail, Direct Response, Direct Sales, Distributor, Incentive Planning, Margin, Market Launch, Market Positioning, Market Share, New Market, Product Launch, Profit Growth, Promotions, Revenue Stream, Sales Forecasting,

Transportation & Travel Resume Keywords
airfare, airline, business travel, cargo, carrier, container, contract, dispatch operations, distribution management, driver leasing, equipment control, export, fleet management, freight, GPS, hazmat, import, inbound, load analysis, logistics, port operations, regulatory compliance, route management, route planning, safety, terminal operations, ticketing, traffic planning, transportation services, travel, travel budgeting, and travel preparation.

Key Takeaway

We now know the significance of keywords in resumes and cover letters, however while utilizing resume keywords, keep the following in mind:

  • Job-Tailor. As you compare your resume to the job description, find the ideal resume keywords. Use job posting keyword analyzers and resume keyword finders to assist.
  • Company-Tailor. It’s good for the ATS and management to mention the firm in the header.
  • Manager-Tailor. Personalize cover letters by addressing managers by name.
  • Shortening is tailoring. Keep your resume free of jargon, narrow titles, and other weak keywords.