Should You Put High School on a Resume? (Diploma or Not)

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The question is whether to add something new or not. Find out at last when to list your high school on a resume.

Are you mulling over the question, “Should I include high school on a resume?” That depends, I guess.

Your CV, which highlights your experience, is a dynamic document. Your career will determine whether or not you should list your high school on your resume. The solution that works for you right now might not be the best solution in a few years.

So, from now till the cows come home, let’s respond to the subject of whether a high school diploma should be listed on a résumé for every situation that exists.

Should You Include High School on a Resume?

If your high school diploma is your greatest level of education, whether you are in high school, college, or are a recent graduate with no work experience, you should add it to your resume.

By highlighting your knowledge and interests, mentioning your high school education can assist mask your lack of professional experience.

When should a resume stop mentioning high school? You should remove your high school education from your resume once you complete any other type of further education.

How to List High School Education on a Resume

You need to know how to do it correctly if mentioning your high school on your resume is the best choice for you.

Do not forget to mention the name of the institution, its location, and the graduation year.

Your high school education should be listed in the following manner on your resume:

 SP High School, Edison, NJ

Graduated in 2017

All done!

There is no need to indicate your high school diploma because, unlike in college, you must graduate from high school in order to receive a diploma, therefore it is assumed that you have one.

What if you were never a graduate?

That will appear somewhat differently:

SP High School, Edison, NJ

Attended 2016-2018

Concise and direct.

It’s never a good idea to falsely represent on your resume that you have a high school diploma. Recruiters run background checks and confirm the accuracy of the information you provided about your education.

High School GPA on a Resume

You should presumably include your GPA on your resume if you’re including your high school graduation, right?

No, not always.

You ought to mention your GPA from high school if:

  • Your grades in high school were really remarkable (above 3.5).
  • If the following applies to you: Your high school GPA is below a 3.5, you shouldn’t include it.
  • You’ve been attending a college or institution long enough to maybe list that GPA.
  • You have a few years of professional experience.


SP High School, Edison, NJ

Graduated 2019

GPA 3.9

That’s it!

Key Learnings

Including your high school education on your resume could be a smart move, depending on where you are in your academic and professional journey.

When considering whether to list your high school on your resume, bear the following in mind:

  • Only if you are still enrolled in high school or if it is your greatest level of completed education should you include it.
  • If your GPA doesn’t impress the recruiter, don’t include it.
  • Depending on whether you graduated from high school, appropriately describe your high school education.

All there is to it is that!