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How about a focused blast of professional brilliance to kick off your CV? Describe your professional background and accomplishments in a succinct introduction that will capture the reader’s attention before you can declare “you’re hired.”

That sounds rather cool, doesn’t it? Here is how to go about it. Make a strong declaration of your qualifications. It’s the ideal method to pique the recruiter’s interest and leave them wanting more.

And creating one is simple; just keep reading to obtain access to a statement of qualification template you can use to create your own. Additionally, you will receive a number of the statement of qualifications samples that will demonstrate the potency of this approach to resume introduction. Let’s start drafting that SOQ right away.

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Resume Statement of Qualifications Example

Edmund Gutierrez

[email protected]


Statement of Qualifications

  • Professional administrative assistant with more than seven years of experience assisting teams in demanding corporate environments.
  • Investigated new file naming rules and storage technologies that increased processing rates by 15%.
  • Maintained a 99.9% accuracy rate or higher for data entering jobs.
  • A clerical onboarding pack that was developed in collaboration with the HR team and used as the template for onboarding materials for teams around the enterprise.
  • Won the 2020 Newton Industries Employee of the Year Award for demonstrating resiliency and helping out other team members when things were tough.

Work Experience

HR Support Clerk
Newton Industries, Chicago, IL
December 2017–Present

  • Updated and maintained personnel records for more than 2500 workers.
  • 8 new hires were instructed in departmental policies and administrative practices.
  • Advised 200+ employees every month on administrative procedures for holidays, illness, and health insurance.
  • helped the payroll staff process checks while assuming ownership of 50 workers.
  • Key accomplishment: increased document processing rates by 15% by investigating novel file naming schemes and storage methods.

Administrative Clerk

Coleco Inc., Chicago, IL

October 2013 through December 2017

  • All incoming and outgoing mail was accurately processed. Physical papers were electronically filed and given to the proper teams and people.
  • Customer data was entered, updated, and retrieved using Oracle DB Management.
  • Using MS Excel and Google Sheets, I created reports and a sales list in response to management staff requests.
  • over $12,000 in operational and financial budgets were regulated.


High School Diploma
Lake Place High School, Chicago, IL


  • 75 wpm speed of typing
  • Adaptability
  • Observation of details
  • The use of cloud-based storage
  • Consumer assistance
  • input of data
  • management of diaries
  • Multitasking
  • Accounting software from SAP
  • management of time
  • VOIP phone networks


  • Associate member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
  • Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE)


  • Spanish—Fluent

1. What is a Statement of Qualifications?

In the first part of your resume, under “Statement of Qualifications,” you should include a succinct summary of your pertinent education, work history, and accomplishments. Typically, it makes use of bullet points to highlight pertinent qualifications that are adapted to the needs of the position you’re applying for.

It may also refer to a narrative statement of credentials, which is a considerably larger document. It’s frequently used, especially in the state of California, to apply for jobs in the civil service.

The lengthier format entails your written response—which might be a page or longer—to a series of questions on how you satisfy the requirements for the position. We’ll concentrate on the succinct statement of qualifications structure used in the typical American resume.

The resume goal and resume summary are two other formats for resume introductions. They are often written as a brief paragraph, as opposed to an SOQ.

2. Who Can Use a Statement of Qualifications?

Don’t be deterred by the name. Yes, you do need rather significant qualifications to use a statement of qualifications format for your resume. And much of that relates to education and experience in the workplace.

Education levels and transferrable skills are also acceptable additions to your SOQ. For anyone looking for a distinctive and appealing method to introduce oneself to the hiring manager, it’s actually the ideal resume introduction.

Let’s examine the potential influence of a statement of credentials.

Statement of Qualifications Example

  • Senior sales negotiator with more than 7 years of B2B sales experience.
  • Maintained an “A” pipeline that exceeded the objective by 115 percent every quarter.
  • Scored an average of 96 percent or higher on questionnaires about customer service.
  • Mentored beginning negotiators in business policies and best practices for sales.
  • Managed a comprehensive lead generation campaign that resulted in the development of new client accounts worth more than $500,000.

That simply explodes now. It immediately presents the recruiting manager with a strong list of credentials. And after reading such a little introduction, readers will be eager to read more.

Additionally, it will succeed with applicant tracking software (ATS). That’s as a result of its extensive usage of resume keywords. As a result, it provides all the information algorithm-based gatekeepers and human gatekeepers need to move your CV to the yes pile.

Let’s contrast that example of a statement of qualifications with a standard resume summary.

Experienced sales negotiator with over 7 years of work. strong sales abilities with an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. A natural leader with a talent for running B2B sales initiatives.

It’s ok, however, it falls short when compared to the first example. Why choose a subpar sparkling wine when you can sip on the greatest Champagne?

Let’s now examine how you can pop the cork on your own.

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for free.

3. How to Write a Statement of Qualifications

Here’s a simple explanation of what a statement of qualifications is. Consider it a greatest hits collection. It is a collection of everything worthwhile in one location.

Here is a sample statement of credentials so you may make your own “best of” for your profession.

  1. Choose four or five accomplishments from your CV that stand out. Examine both the part on your talents and job experience in depth.
  2. Start by mentioning your position, background, and sector. These details might possibly serve as a distinct resume headline.
  3. Then, compose your bullet points, beginning each with resume action words and, to the greatest extent feasible, organizing them as numbered accomplishments expressed as accomplishment statements.
  4. Target the job description in your CV. For each new application, create a new SOQ and choose applicable credentials.
  5. For optimum effect, keep your bullet points succinct and concise.

The fourth item on that list is of utmost importance. For each job application, a different statement of qualifications must be used. Always take the time to read the job description, make note of the listed criteria, and then select the qualities that are the most pertinent.

Your SOQ may likewise be “tailored” in this context. And it completely explains everything. It is being modified to be the ideal match for each and every job that you apply for. It’s one of the best resume writing advices available.

Here is another illustration so you can see how the formula works.

Office Technician Statement of Qualifications Example


  • Office technician with more than five years of expertise providing top-notch administrative support.
  • Processed invoices at a rate that was 30% faster than the team’s average.
  • Negotiated a better price with the provider of the workplace snacks, saving $2,000 annually.
  • Maintained an 80-wpm typing pace.
  • Received praise for reliability and effectiveness in handling administrative work from senior management.

That example is successful, as you can see. The job title and experience come first, followed by a string of succinct, achievement-focused, and number-rich bullet points. The recruiting supervisors want just that. a declaration of credentials that outlines your skills and demonstrates how they might benefit a potential employer.

Compare it to this example of a qualifying statement.


  • Office technician with years of experience and administrative support abilities.
  • Accountable for data input and invoice processing.
  • Controlled supply of beverages for the office.
  • Quick and precise typing.
  • Commended for your diligence.

This is not an A-grade statement of qualifications, let’s face it. It’s hardly a pass at all. Listing responsibilities without mentioning accomplishments, figures, or other noteworthy information falls hollow.

Uncertain about the measures and accomplishments that matter most to your career? Here’s a pro tip. Visit O*NET, a very comprehensive website supported by the Department of Labor. On the home screen, use the occupation fast search box at the top to look for your work title. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge to inspire you when you click on the result that corresponds to your line of work.

4. Statement of Qualifications for Entry Level Candidates

Don’t be put off by the name, I’ll say it again. You can use those noteworthy accomplishments from your resume’s education section in your SOQ in addition to those from your employment experience.

Example of a Statement of Qualifications for Entry Level Students

  • A diligent lawyer who has a focus on international trade law.
  • JD with a 3.8 GPA from the University of Chicago Law School.
  • Finished every semester of study on the Dean’s Honor List.
  • Northern Moot Court Competition runner-up in 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • The Wall Street Journal referenced a report I co-wrote on the trade law ramifications of Brexit for US industries.

That’s excellent; it much outperforms the generic resume aim that is typically suggested for a law student resume. Listed below are some more suggestions for a student statement of qualifications.

  • Relevant academic work
  • Academic assignments
  • Activities outside of the classroom
  • GPA (If it is 3.5 or greater)
  • Appropriate minors and majors
  • List of Deans
  • Receiving the Latin graduation honors of cum laude
  • Volunteering

5. Statement of Qualifications for Career Changers

Creating a CV for a job move or transitioning from the military to the civilian world? An SOQ is a true swiss army knife of a resume part, therefore you may profit from it as well. The objective in this situation is to highlight accomplishments that demonstrate transferrable talents that are relevant to your new profession.

To construct a customized SOQ, go over the job criteria. Keep in mind that some abilities are widely regarded as desirable. These are a few instances.

  • IT expertise
  • Computer expertise
  • Leadership qualities
  • Managing abilities
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Talents in communication
  • Ability to analyze
  • Abilities to solve problems
  • Personality traits
  • Abilities in project management
  • Skills for Employment

Here is how it may appear in an SOQ.

Statement of Qualifications Example for a Career Changer

  • Army engineer with over 15 years of expertise performing construction and civil engineering projects in difficult circumstances.
  • led a group of more than 50 officers and enlisted members of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in the building and maintenance of bridges, roads, and bases.
  • completed projects in challenging geographic settings, such as the desert parts of Iraq, the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, and more typically at home in the US.
  • maintained a track record of completing projects 90% or more on schedule, with problems that contributed to overruns being recognized early and avoided for the remainder.
  • Worked with the logistics division to develop a new materials procurement strategy that decreased expenses by an average of 10% for every project.

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You may create one using our cover letter builder. Here’s what it may resemble:

Key Takeaway

In addition to being a terrific alternative to traditional resume starting techniques, a statement of credentials is a potent method to start your resume.

Even the most cynical recruiting manager will be impressed by this focused explosion of abilities and accomplishments. This is due to the fact that it delivers them everything they are looking for from the very beginning of your resume in a concise and understandable way.

To give your CV an instant injection of job-winning brilliance, just follow our instructions for it to have the biggest impact.

Thanks for reading.