Summary of Qualifications for a Resume: 20+ Examples

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If you want to secure more interviews without putting in a lot of effort, your resume must include a summary of qualifications. Why?

Think of the recruiting manager. She goes by Kelly. She must read more than 300 resumes—about the size of a Stephen King book, but much more tedious. Even some don’t get past her applicant tracking system. She skims while others talk and then continues.

Desire higher opportunities for your resume? Continue reading to discover how to draft a summary of qualities that will immediately grab her attention.

This manual will demonstrate:

  • How to create a resume summary that results in more interviews
  • What to include in the qualifications summary section of your resume to make it stand out.
  • Why (and how) a summary of credentials must be quantified.
  • How to dramatically increase the effectiveness of a resume credentials statement.

1- What Is a Summary of Qualifications on a Resume?

The first section of a resume is called a Summary of Qualifications. This is a succinct summary of my most important experiences, successes, and abilities. Its goal is to demonstrate your qualifications for the position you’re seeking for. Typically, it uses bullet points to demonstrate the necessary requirements.

A Statement of Qualifications is what, exactly?

A summary of qualifications and a statement of qualifications are the same thing. It is the opening portion of your resume and includes bullet points to highlight your pertinent experience and credentials in line with the demands of the position you’re looking for.

Why use it?

The majority of resumes receive a six-second scan before being deleted. Actually, that’s good news. You may be the lone Marvel hero among a group of couch potatoes if you write yours differently.

It is clear right away why a resume with a summary of credentials is effective.

Take a look at the example of a qualification summary below:

Example of a Qualifications Summary

  • Customer service representative with more than 8 years’ experience in call centers with significant call traffic.
  • At On Point Electronics, the customer satisfaction rating remained at 99%.
  • Achieved a 38% above-average score for customer retention across all call-ins.
  • Chosen as a training objective example for additional repetitions.
  • Received a 98% in the course for SalesForce Certified Professional.

That makes skimming difficult. Instead, it will cause the manager to pause and carefully examine the remainder of your CV.

It is strong. It eludes applicant tracking systems (ATS) like a professional ninja. Why?

because it prominently displays a large number of essential resume keywords.

It is lengthier than the average resume aim. But by delivering the manager exactly what she wants and quickly, it really saves time.

Qualifications summaries in comparison to resume objectives

Compare the standard resume aim to that example of a summary of qualifications.

8-year veteran customer service representative. Outstanding leadership abilities. outstanding interpersonal abilities. worked at two call centers with a high volume. has SalesForce training.

In contrast, that is merely unconvincing. Similar to saying “I can run incredibly fast” as opposed to “I participated in the 2016 Olympics.”

You are now familiar with the format of a statement of qualifications. Let me now demonstrate how to create the ideal one so that you may land more interviews.

Want to be certain that every recruiter will be captivated by your qualifications summary and schedule you for an interview?

2- How to Make a Summary of Qualifications

Consider a declaration of credentials as the grand finale of pyrotechnics.

It features all of your greatest photos, which will undoubtedly draw a lot of oohs and ahhs.

This is an example of the best credentials summary writing:

  • Pick the four strongest sections of your resume and rephrase them first.
  • Keep things as succinct as brief as you can.
  • Make your professional title’s top bullet point the one you add.
  • Include how many years of experience you have in the field.
  • Connect each bullet item to the key demands of the job offer.
  • Make sure that each accomplishment can be measured.

This outstanding example of a resume summary of qualifications shows the way:

Example of a Qualifications Summary for a Project Manager

  • With over ten years of expertise managing many projects at once in busy hospitals, the health care PMP is an RN.
  • Lean initiatives used across the hospital reduced expenses by 32% in 6 months.
  • A “Just in Time” resupply effort reduced stockroom waste by 65%.
  • Eric Jennett Award for Project Management Excellence, 2015, recipient.
  • 2014 Northeast Shingo Lean Conference guest speaker.

Wow, I guess. The recruiting manager is exuberant like a child on July 4.

This is especially true if the position requires someone with cost-cutting skills and extensive knowledge of lean healthcare.

3- What Should I Write in the Summary of My Resume?

What makes a strong qualifications summary?

Essentially, anything that will excite the recruiting manager.

That’s any feat, triumph, or compliment that much surpasses all of your previous ones. The list consists of:

  • Honors
  • Media Mentions, Publications
  • Numbers of People Trained or Managed
  • Certifications, Licenses, Degrees
  • Metrics You’ve Improved
  • Problems Solved
  • Money Saved
  • Efficiencies Created
  • High Key Performance Indicators
  • Awards

Simply put, anything that catches the recruiting manager’s attention. whatever gets her to exclaim, “Wow! He can undoubtedly assist us if he can perform XYZ!”

Looking for good resume statement of credentials examples? Here are 22, representing a variety of occupations.

Examples of a Qualifications Summary

These illustrations originate from resumes for office managers, cashier qualifications summary, and more.

Allow them to motivate you while you pitch your own accomplishments to potential employers.

Examples of Customer Service Qualifications Summary

  • Customer satisfaction with the communication of the benefits and features of the product was 94%.
  • 25% quicker ticket resolution than the industry standard.
  • 3 times honored as employee of the month.

Examples of Executive Assistant Qualifications Summary

  • Tasked with assisting senior executives in saving time. saved each on average 12 hours per week, or $25,000 per week at the present minimum wage.
  • Helped out with ad-hoc projects. PowerPoint presentations were made. As a tool for implementing policies, one presentation was presented to more than 600 employees.
  • Isograd MS Excel Test score of 96%

Examples of Financial Analyst Qualifications Summary

  • In charge of the entire financial analysis for a sizable industrial company. 40% more analytical productivity across all divisions. reduced mistakes by 22%.
  • Maintained standard costs with a 1% annual variance. Four individuals whose positions had been targeted for layoffs had their jobs protected as a result.
  • 20 low-margin projects were found, saving the firm $1.2 million.
  • Published in Harvard Business Review is the article “An Erosion in Earnings: The New Finance.”

Examples of Marketing Qualifications Summary

  • 200+ graphic design projects that I developed (brochures, catalogs, presentations).
  • Ran a social media advertising campaign for the neighborhood animal shelter that received 9,000 shares and had a 2% donation conversion rate.
  • 14 Brand Ambassadors were trained to promote activities on the campus.

Example of Receptionist Qualifications Summary

  • A new CRM with reporting features was implemented. expenses by 18%.
  • 90 WPM for typing.

Examples of Competencies Graphic Designers’ Summary

  • 2014 D&AD New Blood Award winner
  • Led a group of three designers in creating production materials and graphics.
  • Graphic Design MBA, University of Pennsylvania

Examples of Software Engineer Qualifications Summary

  • led the cloud computing team that won the 2015 BOSSIE award.
  • Set up an internet fundraising campaign for a nearby animal shelter that helped save 15 dogs and kittens’ lives.
  • Since 2014, a member of the IAENG Society of Software Engineers.

4- Why and How to Custom-Fit a Qualifications Summary

Therefore, a decent summary of credentials is basically a summary of achievements. How can you really rock the hiring manager’s world?

Custom fit is what it comes down to.

Your finest qualifications statement cannot be created in a vacuum.

It must be adjusted to the employment offer.

The example job description and statement of credentials for an accountant below demonstrates how.

Example of a Qualifications Summary Including a job description

Working Conditions:

looking for a CPA with a license.

  • Must have five or more years of experience working on movies that bring in more than $3 million annually.
  • Very meticulous individual.
  • IT and IT skills are needed.
  • Systematic understanding of A/R is essential.

You choose the accomplishments that match you the best using the information mentioned above.

An example of a CPA qualification summary

  • Detail-oriented CPA with over 7 years of experience working for companies with annual sales of over $4 million.
  • Discovered a persistent mistake in historical tax filing methods. saved forever $25,000 a year.
  • Automated payroll software was installed and calibrated, resulting in a 15% reduction in mistakes.
  • New A/R system installed; reduced Average Days Delinquent by 18%.
  • Recipient of the Elijah Wall Sells Award from the AICPA for achieving a perfect score of 97% on all four CPA Exam parts.

Can you imagine how the recruiting manager’s head would spin after reading that description of qualifications?

The ability to notice mistakes demonstrates attention to detail. The other abilities and career history are as well-represented in the CV.

It will take a long time the first time you try this. You’ll be able to tailor credentials summaries in a matter of minutes after filling out a few job applications.

5- You Must Quantify Achievements on a Qualifications Summary

The following information will make your qualifications summary stand out.

Each point needs to be quantified as much as you can.

Put yourself back in the position of the recruiting manager.

Telling her you can strike a target is one thing.

But can you strike it from a hundred feet or a half-mile away? And is it possible in the rain or at night? Details are important.

Summary of an example of qualifications (well quantified)


  • SHRM-CP Certified Human Resources Manager with at least five years of experience in 200+ employee companies
  • Hired 32 important personnel. reduced the lead time for hiring by 45%. This resulted in a cost reduction for the business of $250,000.
  • 25% increase in retention thanks to staff engagement initiatives.
  • Non-monetary incentives improved the incentive structure, resulting in an average 10% increase in employee KPIs across the board.
  • The Harvard Business Review mentioned an article on organizational psychology.


  • A certified human resources manager with at least five years of experience in SHRM-CP
  • Acquired workers. reduced lead periods for hiring.
  • A rise in staff retention thanks to participation initiatives.
  • Increased employee metrics across the board thanks to an improved incentive system with non-monetary benefits.
  • The Harvard Business Review mentioned an article on organizational psychology.

6- Summary of Qualifications For Entry Level Candidates

Can an applicant with no experience even produce a summary of qualifications?

After all, the goal is to jam it full of noteworthy accomplishments.

What can you include in your credentials statement if you lack experience?

Pick your strongest academic accomplishments if you’re aiming for an internship or an entry-level position immediately out of school.

Example of a Qualifications Summary for Students and Entry Level Positions

  • Computer science specialist with dedication and Tufts University certification.
  • Penn State Bachelor of Science in computer science. Schreyer Scholarship awarded for eCommerce education. kept up a 3.9 GPA.
  • Won the 2016 Code War, placing second.
  • Prolific programmer who has been actively engaged in difficult coding projects since high school. have built five successful e-commerce websites. 7 GitHub projects received contributions.
  • Spoke on a panel at the 2016 Code For Princeton Hackathon on collaborative coding.

That will undoubtedly prompt the hiring manager to begin looking for your contact information.

Put these things in a student’s entry-level qualifications summary:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Honors
  • Awards
  • Coursework relevant to the job
  • Student groups
  • Volunteer accomplishments

7- Qualifications Summary for Career Changers

not in school? For career changers, how should I write my junior summary of qualifications?

You won’t have any accomplishments in that industry if you’re looking for a new specialization. Decide on transferrable accomplishments.

That includes anything that demonstrates your ability to handle the responsibilities outlined in the job description.

Key Takeaway

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a summary of qualifications that generates a huge number of interviews. Keep the following in mind:

  • Because it conveys your finest accomplishments to the management as quickly as possible, a resume with a strong credentials summary is effective.
  • Rephrase the top four accomplishments from your CV into four succinct bullet points. Include a bullet point with your title and the duration of your employment.
  • First, attentively study the job offer before tailoring your bullet points to it. A strong statement of qualifications cannot be created in a vacuum.